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Ther is nothing more uncomfortable than a badly fitted bra and believe it or not most people are unsure how to measure themselves and are too embarresed to go to a shop and be measured.This guide  will allow you to measure yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Get a material tape measure and without clothes on your top half measure yourself around the ribcage (below the bust) in inches making sure the tape does not slide down at the back.Then do the same for the fullest part of your bust,keeping the tape loose as you don;t want to pull it too tight.Add 5" to the first measurement(ribcage) to get the bra size.If you get an odd number bring it up to the next even number.


If the first measurement was 28 and you add 5" =33 round it up to the next even no. which is 34(bra size)   next if the fullest part of the bust was 36 take away 34 which gives a difference of 2" which would be a C cup


same size =   A,

up  1 "   =     B

up 2"     =    C

up 3"     =    D

up 4"     =    DD

up 5"    =    E

up 6"    =    F

and so on. 



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