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In this guide I will show you have to open a stuck laptop or desktop optical drive.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the laptop/desktop. Straighten out a paper clip then look for a small hole on the optical drive itself. The size of the hole should be just enough to accommodate the paper clip.

Insert gently and push the paper clip in until the drive begins to open up, then use your hand to finish the rest of the opening process.

A pin/needle may also work.

Step 2

Try to uninstall the optical drive then reinstall it again; it might be a loose connection.

Step 3

Turn on your laptop/desktop. Find on the Windows menu bar, and left click mouse on the "Start" button > My Computer, then right click > CD Drive > Eject.

Or go to your desktop and left click mouse on the icon My Computer > CD Drive > Eject.

That will normally work unless the problem is caused by Windows OS, not of the optical hardware itself

If you suspect it's your Windows that is causing this problem, visit the link in the "Resources" section of this article.

If all fails, then buying a replacement CD/DVD drive for a notebook or desktop is the only option. Good luck opening a stuck optical drive.



This guide is for PC platform machines (desktop and notebook) with either Windows ME/NT/98/2000/XP installed. Not suitable for Win 95 and Vista.


Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: This guide is made purely to give advice to anyone looking to repair a fault with their laptop.We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any components by following this guide or not.

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