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With the average cost of a traditional wedding in the UK said to be about £11,000, it makes sense to try and keep the costs down where possible.  With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of ten money saving ideas for a cheap wedding;

1. Draw up a wedding budget before you buy anything & keep to it.  Include a contingency of 10% for irresistible luxury purchases and unforeseen costs.

2. Buy your wedding accessories and wedding jewellery, such as your Tiara, Wedding Necklace, Fascinator, Bridesmaids Gifts, Wedding Favours etc. from Cheap Chic Wedding Jewellery (an eBay shop) to save a small fortune!

3. Save hundreds of pounds by forfeiting an expensive wedding video.  Ask one of your mates to do it instead!  In reality, most people I know watched them three times and then they go in the loft.  There are thousands of dusty VHS tapes out there somewhere, which will never see the light of day!

4.  Book your wedding photographer for half a day.  Most people want some quality photos to hang on the wall, but after two hours of wedding photographs it gets a little testing!  In reality, once the big group shots and wedding speeches are out of the way, you’ll want to mingle with your loved ones and savour the occasion.  So just book the minimum time with your professional photographer and leave some disposable cameras out on tables during the speeches and evening.  In my experience, it’s the amateur shots from your friends that really capture the event anyway.

5. Buy your wedding cake from Tesco!  Sounds a bit cheap doesn’t it?  But ask yourself this, when else would you spend hundreds of pounds on a fruit cake or some cup cakes!  Is it really worth it!?

6.  Buy your wedding dress from eBay.  Your dress will be one of your most expensive items.  You can save a fortune by buying one second hand or even new off eBay.

7. Sell your wedding dress on eBay!  After your wedding, will you ever need it again?  Probably not, it will just gather dust somewhere.  So why not recoup some money and sell it!

8. Buy your wedding invites from the high street instead of having them specially made.  Enough said!

9. Have your wedding on a Sunday (great over bank holiday weekends) or Friday to save a fortune on the reception costs.

10. Buy your wedding rings from eBay. Most are pretty plain, so it’s hard to go wrong.  For men, Titanium Wedding Rings are getting popular and they are way cheaper than gold or platinum and just as hard wearing.


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