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As the Recession Bites, Here's How You Can Profit from the Booming Market in Used Mobile Phones.

I've been looking for the inside information to bring you this blueprint for a while. Now that I've found out how it works I want to bring it to you as soon as possible.

The opportunity is quick and easy to set up. You won't need much, if any, technical knowledge. You won't need much capital. You can work from home and works well as a part-time sideline.

I can hear you saying... 'But there's a recession on at the moment. No one's going to be spending money on a flashy new mobile!'

Yes, thats true to some extent. But you're not going to be selling expensive mobile phones. This opportunity nestles nicely at the middle-lower end of the market, dealing with used phones - perfect for the market in the current economical climate.

Ok, lets get started.

A Quick and Easy Mobile Phone Money Making Opportunity

You may or may not already know about mobile phone recycling operators. Mobile phone recycling companies buy old phones from the public. These buyers then either refurbish the phones, often selling them to other countries in Asia, Africa, or South America, or break them down into component parts and sell them as scrap. 

You might ask why people don't do this themselves. Well, some people do. But the fact is most don't. Many people don't know about these phone buying services. Other people simply can't be bothered to do a bit of research and post them off. With an estimated 80 or 90 million redundant mobile phones in the UK today, you can see the potential for doing this. 

Here's how to cash in on phone recycling:

1. Go to the mobile phone recycling companies' websites. The main ones are listed later. Make a note of the type of phones they are currently looking for and how much they for them. Concentrate on the phones that are worth £10-20 minimum. The amount of money on offer depends on the mak, model and age of the phone.

Note: Most companies buy non-working phones as well as working ones but pay much less - so avoid these.

2. Now run some ads along the lines of 'Mobile Phones Bought For Cash'. Put them in your local newspapers, freesheets and advertising magazines. Try to use mainly the ones that offer free ads.

Here's the sort of ad to place:

3. When you get calls from sellers check with the recyclers to find out who will pay the most money for it. Make the seller an offer that is the lowest you think they will accept, but which allows you a decent profit margin on top.

4. Send the phone off to the recycler who will pay the most money for it. (They will pay the postage.) Within a week or two they'll send you a cheque!

A couple of points... Normally, phones sold this way must be complete with a battery but you shouln't send the SIM card, charger, manuals, etc. if the phone has them - so it doesn't matter if the seller doesn't have these.

So let's run through a few figures showing how this opportunity works... Occasionally you might buy a used for £50 and recycle it for £100. But more usually you'll be paying £10 for phones that fetch you £20 or £30. Or £5 for phones that fetch you £8 or £10. So we're not talking about big money here, but it could certainly be a handy little sideline income!

Phone recycling companies:

Mopay -

(One of the biggest recyclers who buy around 1,900 models of phone. Will also pay you out in Marks & Spencer vouchers if you prefer. (But the voucher value may be less.)

Mazuma -

(One of the biggest buyers. Accept most makes and models. Usually pays top prices for high-end phones. I use this one for all my second hand phones and can tell you they have good service.)

Envirofone -

(Easy to use and offers quick payouts, up to £180. Pays out 15% more if you request Argos vouchers.)

mobiles2cash -

(Recycles over a million phones annually.)

Fonebank -

(Buys over 70,000 phones per month, paying out up to £165.)

Go Make Some Money!

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