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Knitting and craft pattern designers among you may be interested to visit a website called which offers a pattern design and copyright registration service which is actually affordable and having now used them to register all my designs I found them very helpful and quick to respond with copy information etc. when I encountered breaches of my intellectual property and copyright ...... This is a common problem, especially here on e bay, although there is the VeRO: Protecting Intellectual Property programme, but even if you join and then encounter a problem  it is quite difficult to prove you actually OWN the design espescially when the other party claims its also there "idea", but by registration you have an independent back up which can be verified - you file your information etc. with them and they provide you with a certificate of registration - you cannot alter or amend this once submitted so it can be verified by them as an actual record of registration - you get a certificate of registration with a unique registration number for the item you have registered.  The site was set up by a knitter and so is very much geared towards knitting/sewing and craft patterns, although I understand they also register other items.  I found it really useful so may well be worth while taking a look if you design craft objects/patterns etc. Hope this is of some use...... 

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