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Do you remember when you first became a Christian!

You were on fire for God, you loved reading the Bible every single day, often twice a day or more.

You took your Bible to work read it at lunch time in some quiet corner and even had a small daily devotional
to accompany your Bible readings. You just couldn't get enough of  God's Word.

Suddenly, things started to change, very slowly . 

You forget to read your Bible one day, due to your busyness. "I'll read it tomorrow, I''ll read twice as many chapters to make up for today"

Tomorrow comes, you are late for work and cannot fit in your morning devotional.

You take your Bible to work, but you don't take your usual breaks for some reason or you or you are invited out for lunch

Soon, before you realise it, you only read God's Word, when you go to church on a Sunday (or a Saturday) morning
and during the sermon you are asked to turn to a particular scripture.

Well, the scenario above is based on me. I had become a luke warm Christian! I had lost my enthusiam and my passion for The Word. 

I was reading a Christian article quite recently which gently prompted me to recall my experience and how I eventually rekindled my zeal for the Word of God. Maybe, you are going through the same experience, if so here is a litle guide to help you relight your flame!! Don't give up - it takes time.

  • First of all ask yourself the question - what activity or activities are stealing my time?
    Mine was watching TV - no I wasn't a couch potatoe, but I had the TV on as background noise
    and often stopped to watch it, as I was passing through the lounge from one room to the other.
    or I just liked channel hopping sometimes watching two programmes at a time.

  • Wake an hour or even 30 minutes earlier each day .
    Set your alarm - yes, I now it doesn't seem right setting an alarm to spend time with God - but you
    won't need the alarm soon, as you're body will soon naturally awaken at the correct time.

  • Use one of the daily devotionals to accompany you in your Bible reading
    You can purchase one from any Christian retailer   


  • Ensure that you are using the version of the Bible which suits you


  • Devise your own reading plan, which can be fun
    I love to take a character from the Bible eg David or Paul or Elisha or Ruth or any other character
    and then  follow their life and their exploits on a daily basis. This makes the Bible come alive!
    Or I search the scriptures based on a particular theme eg: Discipleship, Fruits of the Spirit, Healing, Love etc
    Or I look for scriptures based on any situation or circumstance which I may be experiencing in my life at a particular moment.
    The Psalms are a wonderful place to start.
    Or I simply pray to God for guidance in reading His word for this particular day.
    At the moment I am studying (not just reading) 'the Words of Christ' - which are easy to find if your Bible has the words of Christ in red!


  • Let the Word of God be your daily medicine which you take two or three times a day.


  • Read more and more of  God's Word each day, it will draw you closer to God and in turn will build up your faith

  • Believe and act on The Word of God, be a doer of God's Word
    Each time I read the Bible I try and see if there is anything in the reading that I can
    DO that day - anything that I can apply to my life.


Well, I do hope that this guide has been useful to you or at least has given you some ideas, before long that flicker within you will become a contagious 'Fire'


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