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When I built myself a Landrover hybrid a few years ago, I needed to remove the engine & gearbox from the old very rusty donor chassis.

Here's how I did it!

Dismantle the donor land-Rover down to rolling chassis on your front lawn, remove prop shafts & handbrake assembly. Then jack the chassis up slightly under the gearbox cross member just enough to take the weight. Then using a power saw, cut the chassis in the middle, just behind the jack. Push the rear chassis complete with axle, springs & wheels out of the way. Lower the jack & pull it firmly out of the way (watch your toes). Undo the gearbox mounting bolts & remove gearbox from engine. this can be lifted out quite easily single handed. Undo the engine mounting bolts, then using a plank of wood, lever the engine from under the front of the crankshaft. The engine then has a soft landing as it falls out onto the lawn. Now move the front part of the chassis wheelbarrow fashion, out of the way........ Then borrow your friend's hydraulic engine crane, to drop the engine onto a solid piece of ground, so as to quickly remove the offending engine from lawn before anyone sees the mess!

Finally, mow the lawn where the Land-Rover has been stood & repair all the bald patches of lawn where the spilt radiator coolant & sump oil killed the grass.....!!!!

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