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This guide will show you how to remove a laptop keyboard for either repairing replacing or cleaning. It's a fairly simple process, here's how to do it:

Tools needed:
                     Flathead screwdriver
                     (Certain models only) Small philips screwdriver


  1. (Some models only) There may be a screw at the base of the laptop that you need to remove in order to be able to remove the keyboard, look for an appropriate diagram next to the screw.
  2. Right above the keyboard there is a plastic cover that usually cover the power board.
  3. Depending on the laptop, this is sometimes attached to the screen hinge covers, although not always.
  4. If it IS NOT attached to the hinge covers then simply use your flat head to pry the plastic up from right to left.
  5. If it IS attached to the hinge covers then there will usually be two or more screws on the rear of the laptop attaching the hinge covers to the hinges, remove these with a philips and then pry up the right hinge. Start pulling the plastic cover up from right to left again and then pop up the left hinge as you reach it.
  6. Note: there will usually be one or more small ribbon cables attached to the plastic going to the motherboard, we recommend that you remove then from the plastic and note which cables connect where. Be careful when removing the plastic to not disconnect the cables as you can damage them.
  7. Now there will sometimes be a few screws above the keyboard where the plastic was, remove these if they prevent the keyboard from being lifted up.
  8. Once these have been unscrewed (if they were present) you can now begin to lift up the keyboard, some keyboards are easier than others to unclip and some require you to use a flathead to push the clips off the keyboard, check the edge of the keyboard first.
  9. Be careful not to use too much force otherwise the keyboard may bend, if you need to use too much force then check the base of the laptop for release screws.
  10. Once the keyboard is off, disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable from the motherboard.

If you are replacing your keyboard you can purchase a new one from our Keyboard section.


  1. Place the new keybord on the laptop face down and connect the ribbon cable to the motherboard.
  2. Clip the keyboard into position where it sits making sure the metal tabs are in the correct position.
  3. Put the screws back in (if applicable) above the keyboard.
  4. If the hinge covers and power board cover are combined, clip it back into it's original position ensuring the screen cables are in the correct place.
  5. If they are seperate, clip the hinge covers onto the screen hinges and then do the same with the powerboard cover in it's original position.
  6. Make sure to reconnect any cables running from the power board cover.

Then just replace any screws you needed to take out, and job done! Thanks for reading.


Note: Methods vary with laptop models, not all laptops are the same. This guide simply points at the most common technique.

Disclaimer: The advice given here is intended purely to help anyone attempting to repair their laptop or monitor and no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage wether consequential or not resulting from this advice. 

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