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There are many ways to spot a counterfeit/fake dvd it is increasingly difficult to spot a fake in the 00's as technology progresses the quality of counterfeit goods improves with it.

the first thing to check for before you even look at the disk is the inlay card (dvd sleeve) is it only printed on one side (some originals are) is it printed on a high grade glossy paper or a normal card paper, Feel the cover does it feel like your shop purchased dvds at home. If not then it's probably a fake.

is the dvd your buying adverised as DVD ONLY a dvd with no case or sleeve has cause for eyebrow raising i personally wouldn't give a dvd advertised as case less or with no sleeve the time of day. That said it doesnt neccessarily mean its fake ask some questions is there a reason why theres no case or sleeve

if there is a good reason you may have a bargain on your hands sadly though 99 times out of a hundred the dvd will be fake.

Altough this next comment doesnt mean you are going to or have brought a copy it would still raise suspicion to authenticity if you know what your looking for

the DVD CASE is the case a cheap 10 for a quid from your local pound shop if so why is it in a crappy case all new dvds come in high grade quality dvd cases

from companys like AMARAY have a look on the inside of the box the amaray logo should be written in side. That said a cheap case doesnt mean a copyed dvd but be open minded.

Now to the disk itself

Look at the picture of the disk i dont want to teach any one to suck eggs but is the picture a sticker if so 100% the dvd is a fake.

Does the picture look like it is pretty legit, give the picture a bit of a scratch with a finger nail or coin you dont have to rub vigourously a light rub will do, is the picture smudging or coming of the dvd if so the dvd has probably been printed on the disk with inkjet thus making it a fake the term used for professionally putting the picture on a dvd is called silking it will not come of the dvd with the above method it is imprinted permenantly on the dvd.

The buisness side of the disk

Is the dvd purple blue or any other colour other than silver or mirrored if so its a fake 100% percent the colour you see on a fake dvd is the term BURN MARK this happens when a dvd or cd is burned on a home computer, that is a film has been uploaded to a computer blank media has been put in the computer and the film has been "burnt" into the disk this would indicate a fake. The companys that deal with reproducing the dvd from the master copy don't burn the film into the dvd they imprint it like pressing a image onto a t-shirt they press the film into the disk and this is way the colour of the dvd doesnt change from the mirrored look or silver colour.

if all the above pass your test then the chances are the dvd is original but play the film for the final test

is shot in a cinema you can easily determine dvd quality from camcorder shots

is the spoken language in sync with the actors lips moving if not its probably a fake

is there a title/setup menu at the start of the film or does the film just start straight away 99.9% percent of original films will have a set up/title menu

that is pretty much all the info i can offer on spotting fake or counterfeit dvds i hope it helps any one who wishes to use it. 8-)


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