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Ok let's give you a few tips on how to buy a genuine CD  from E-Bay.

This will be a fake :-

1/ A green tint to the underside of the disc will mean it is a CDR disc which costs the bootlegger £0.10 MAX

2/ Clear standard cd jewel Case, again £0.10.

3/ NO inserts included. All you will get is a 2 sided piece of glossy photo paper

4/ inkjet print onto the cover which if opened out will contain nothing, just the inside of the glossy paper.

5/ The CD itself will be a poor print job and dabbed with a wet finger will rub as opposed to the screen printed pressed factory disc.

6/ At least 1 negative feedback on the sellers account probably means they are bootlegging - Lots accept it but the odd buyer complains so take note of the red negs.

7/ NO paypal offered.

8/ When the disc is in the PC - It will pop up with randomly named MP3 tunes as opposed to the true song listing placed on the CD by the media company.

9/ Multiple listings by new user. It is easy to re-register on Ebay with new details but not so easy with Paypal so beware.


If you are unsure then send me a message and i'll be more than happy to help you decide if it is or isn't fake.


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