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Spotting a fake Nike Product?

Well it's pretty hard just by spotting it from a distance, but there are several close up inspections that will proof it's authenticity of the shirt itself. 

1) Look out for the instruction tags on the bottom left of the shirt (wearing position), usually it's 2 or more tags stitched together. 

2) Examine the Nike logo on the shirt and compare it to Nike's actual logo. In some cases, counterfeiters are unable to exactly reproduce brand logos. The angle, slope or proportions of the logo might be slightly off. 

3) Check the label inside the shirt and any lettering on the inside or outside for spelling errors. An authentic Nike product won't contain any errors of this nature, but it's common for low-end counterfeit products to have one or more words spelled incorrectly. The shirt also should have a tag free of errors.

From Fit series
(F is for efficacy (al) : I represent innovation (Innovative); T represent skills (Technology)) Dri-Fit's Nike exclusive development subtle fiber materials made of fabric. This kind of fabric perspiration fast, designed to adhere to the comfort and design activities. Strange Dri FIT superfine fibers can make water through the siphon along the fiber is sent to a role dress surface agile evaporation. Dri FIT fabric function is lasting, in skin surface can be close to supply excellent perspiration efficacy and comfortable feeling. Characteristics: the superfine fiber woven material, can will be sent to the sweat from the skin and clothes outer agile evaporation, insist on the cool and comfortable. Identify ways: Dri-fit the biggest feature of fabrics is exquisite soft, and have a very good moisture absorption performance. The best test method is to drop a few drops of water see the speed of receiving fabrics, the real DRI-FIT dropping agile receiving away, not a float in the water may be present on the surface of the fabric phenomenon.

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