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I have  just discovered that a ds game I bought on ebay a little while ago is a fake. I was totally unaware until it recently started freezing. We took it to a game exchange in town and were advised it was a fake. Here at the points that were highlighted:

1. The seal on the back is different. It just says official nintendo seal, all originals are written as original nintendo seal of quality. The authentic nintendo seal is circular, whereas the copy I had was oval.

2. The copy had no c e box on the back.

3. The case was black and not the nintendo clear case.

4. No coloured triangle on the book end of the box.

I recieved my item fast and never thought it would be a fake, i didn't think to compare it to the original games my son has. I just want others to be helped by my mistake and to check your product when you get it.

I'm not an expert on ds games and which are real and fake, far from it. Just wanted to let everyone know what I have been shown to assist in future purchases.

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