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How to Spot Fake Evisu Jeans on Ebay?

If you are new to Evisu Jeans, it maybe difficult to find a orginal authentic Evisu Jeans on ebay as 90% of seller are selling fake Evisu Jeans. So how to spot a fake one and avoid them? Here is my little guide to help. (We have been selling Authentic evisu jeans on website and high street shop for some time)

  1. Dont be fooled by those sellers which told you all their evisu jeans come with certificate to proof their jeans are authentic. Only some models will come with certificate but most of them dont have. If you brought a Evisu jeans on ebay which come with certificate, make sure the number on the certificate match the code on your jeans. If not it is probably fake jeans and cert.
  2. One common thing buyers will look at is the red and white line inside the jeans.  Authentic Evisu Jeans usually have read and white line, however fake evisu jeans usually copy this feature as well theseday. One tips for you is, look at the white and red line on the whole jeans, the two line on Authentic jeans will be parallel to each other while the fake one not.
  3. Another common spot is the "Japon" print in the inner pocket of the jeans. While fake one also have the print, they are often unclear.
  4. Evisu jeans have a little tag inside the jeans with Evisu Logo and a little tag showing the size. I have been dealing evisu jeans for sometime and saw lots of fake copy jeans but I have never seen a fake one doing this bit in good quality. This maybe the easiest way to spot fake jeans for new buyer. Authentic jeans print the tag clearly and the cloth that make the tag is rectangle while fake one they are either in irregular shape or the size labels are upside down.
  5. The most important different between real and fake jeans surely is the denim. I have weighted our most common Authentic Evisu Jeans, they are in between 0.96KG to 1.1KG depends on denim they use. You can expect fake jeans weight less then that. Also if you use a cloth to wipe the jeans, you will see colour fake in fake jeans.
  6. Last but not least, RRP of Evisu jeans often reach £150 above and there is reason. We believe the cost of making it due to the quality denim it use cost in the region of £35 to £45, this price is the cost it came out from the factory in Hong Kong, China and Macau exclude the shipping cost and tax. If you see a jeans on ebay selling at £30, I am confident it is fake.

I hope to guide can help all ebayer to spot the fake jeans and avoid them, I will soon have another guide showing the detail bits of the Authentic Evisu Jeans in photos. You can compare our photos to the photos you see from the sellers listing to see if the jeans are authentic.

Also we will soon selling Authentic Evisu Jeans on ebay, please visit our ebay shop at that time for authentic evisu. All the jeans we sold will offer you double money back if they are fake. Please feel free to take our jeans to your local evisu store to check the authencity.

Thanks for looking at my guide and I will update it once I spot something new to help.

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