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How To Spot Fake & Genuine Playboy Jewellery

We all start at the 'bottom rung of the Ebay selling ladder'and there may well be a small few who,being new to Ebay,have not yet learn't about the rules of selling or genuinely believe that the item they are listing is authentic.

However,having dealt in Genuine Playboy merchandise for a considerable time,it's growing more and more annoying seeing experienced Ebayer's,with high scores and Powerseller status,stacking up their paypal balance with YOUR hard-earned cash,for items which are simply...FAKE!!..(What's more..They KNOW They're Fake!!)

So,as a Genuine Seller of Authentic Playboy Goods,I want to give you the 'Tips of the Trade' so that you can confidently make your purchases of 100% Authentic Playboy Goods and put a Stop to the 'Rip-Off' Trade!!


Below are a few examples of Genuine and Replica Playboy Jewellery....Only when they are placed side by side like this can you see the very obvious differences in quality..For Example: Shape of the bunny's head,The placing of the eye's,Left or right facing bunny,Quality of the necklace or chain etc (See more examples on my Free guide listing in my ebay shop)

Above Examples:Replicas and Fakes!

Above Examples:Authentic Playboy Goods!

General Facts & Tips

1/. Never buy from Hong Kong,China,Singapore or Australia etc,Don't be seduced by seemingly fantastic wholesale/ 99% of the time the items are 100% Fake and in certain countries you run the risk of heavy customs taxes to pay ontop of the price!

2/. Genuine Playboy Jewellery ALWAYS comes in an Authentic Box,Display Card or with Attatched Branded Tag..and should Always sport a holographic sticker of Authenticity.(See Pics Below)See more examples in my Free guide listing in my ebay shop)


3/. Obviously,A seller may be listing an item without packaging for genuine reasons,In which case you should look for the following...

*Quality of the Necklace/Bracelet...Playboy only fashion jewellery in Stainless Steel,Silver Plating and occasionally 925 Sterling Silver.Any Gem Stones in Playboy jewellery are ALWAYS Genuine Swarovski Crystal.

*Stamped Authenticity Charm/Tag (Necklaces/Bracelets)...Here's one that gets them every time!..95% of all Playboy Necklaces & Bracelets have a small 'Tag' or 'Charm' close to the clasp,Which reads 'Playboy...Since 1953' with a small Playboy bunny central to the charm/Tag.If no charm is present,the back of the actual pendant should be stamped likewise!.

*Positioning of the Playboy Bunny....Genuine Playboy bunnies should Always Face TO THE LEFT,(With the exeption of Earrings obviously,Zippos/Lighters,and Decorative Art/Stickers).Also,NEVER purchase an item where one of the Bunny's Ears are bent or folded..This is a Copyright Theft Item!.

4/.Beware of Sellers listing their Playboy items as...'Playboy Inspired','Playboy Style/Bunny Style','Play-Boy' or 'Play Boy','Bunny',Bunny Design'...What you need to be seeing in their titles & listings are '100% Genuine/Authentic Playboy'!!..Type in a search for simply 'playboy' and you will get page after page of results on ebay,However..Type in 'Genuine Playboy' for example and it's significantly different!


Beware of Sellers placing Fake watches in Genuine boxes!.

Genuine Playboy watches ALWAYS have 'Playboy' printed on the inside of the watch strap.Any watch fashioned in Stainless Steel will have the Playboy lettering/Logo,if not to the back of the watch casing,on the buckle...Ask your seller if the watch bares these authenticity brandings!.Lastly,Playboy Only fashion watches in 100% Real Leather/Suede/Stainless Steel.


As we run up to xmas..The sellers of Fake Playboy and indeed other designer items are out for every sale they can get their little mits on..I have noticed one particular seller..Believe it or not..Probably having read this guide,who is now attatching Low-cost but 'genuine' Playboy charms to 'FAKE' jewellery to cover my tip regarding all playboy jewellery having a little charm/Tag!..The tag,close to the necklace or bracelet clasp should look EXACTLY like the Oval-shaped one on the pics above..Any other 'charm' is either fake or simply off of another,Cheaper Playboy Item,For Example..Pens & Pencils!.. and it doesnt stop there..sellers are also sticking pink Bunny stickers on black boxes,(To resemble Genuine Playboy Boxes & Packaging), and state the item as... '100% genuine,With Authentic Charm,and in Playboy Box'!!!,Please dont be fooled!

So enjoy your Christmas shopping on ebay..It should be fun!!..Just bear these tips in mind!



.....And Finally!!,Do your bit to stop this Rip-Off Trade - Armed with these tips given,If you see a 'Fake' Playboy item on Ebay...Report It!...IF YOU DON'T BUY THEM,THEY CANT SELL THEM!


If you are un-sure of the item you are bidding on/Looking at/or have Purchased,I have an extensive list of sellers listing 'Fake' items!.Or if you have any further questions..Please feel free to get in touch for further advice..Message me at 'melzeea1',I'd be Happy to help!.I have added a Free View listing with a more extensive guide on this subject in my Ebay shop.

...And Dont forget to vote for my Guide if you have found it Helpful!!!





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