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Update on an existing guide written by another member.

Having been duped myself and having also purchased a genuine one, below are a few definitive pointers to spot a fake.

1. The second hand on most models is ORANGE not RED

2. The ICE WATCH Logo on the face on most Sili and Solid models should also have the icon on the 'i' and the word 'watch' in ORANGE not RED

3. The numerals & dot infills are raised and level with the silver outer edging - Fake ones are have silver edging too with white infill which only sits inside and is not level.

The 3 above are the most obvious identifiers upon first look

4. Most watches are 5 ATM - NOT 3 ATM
The fakes are not waterproof - Splash proof at best.

5. The silver clasp on the Sili models will have a logo engraved on the fake ones. Genuine one's are clear.

6. The holes in strap will not have been punched all the way through.

7. The inner straps on both fakes and early originals do have the ICE Watch logo on both straps, newer original will have the web address instead with no logo.

8. Back plate - Has all the usual markings very similar to originals (web address, logo, stainless steel case back)
Read the small engravings under the logo carefully - Fakes will have "Made In Belgtam" instead of "Made in Belgium" as per originals - Although some of the newer fakes coming through have corrected this.

9. Most fakes are now coming with full box, bags, booklets and tags - Always ask to view a close up of the watch to be 100% that it is a genuine or fake.

10. Read the description carefully on advert - Fake sellers are advertising them as ICE STYLE WATCHES - 'STYLE' being the key word is a give away for saying in a tactful way that it is a replica/fake.

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