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(The DTI Is A Maximum Of 16GB And Colour Coded!)

DTI/2GB  2GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Green

DTI/4GB  4GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Purple

DTI/8GB  8GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Black

DTI/16GB  16GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Dark Red


(The DTIG2 Is A Maximum Of 32GB And Colour Coded!)

DTIG2/2GB  2GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Gray

DTIG2/4GB   4GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Yellow

DTIG2/8GB  8GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Cyan

DTIG2/16GB  16GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Red

DTIG2/32GB  32GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Dark Green


(The DT150 Is A Maximum Of 64GB And Colour Coded!)

DT150/32GB  32GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Orange

DT150/64GB  64GB* USB flash drive (2.0) - Red & Black

Here Are Some Fakes! See How Convincing They Are.



A Quick Test To See If It's Fake!

Go to my computer and right click on the Removable Disk, Then go to propeties, Then hardware tab! Dose it show as Kingston? If Not It's Fake! Also Plug The Drive Into A USB Port And See What Colour The Light Is! (It Should Be A Green Light Not A Red One.)

I Bought A 64GB Kingston Drive Off Ebay And When I Tested It With h2testw (Found On Google) It Was In Fact Only A 1GB Drive I Wrote 12Gb Of Data To It And 11Gb Got Corupt!


To Help All The Sellers And Buyers On eBay I Have Done This Review For You!

Ok If Your Thinking Of Buying One Of These Cheap White/Green So Called Kingston 64Gb Flash Drives Then You Are In For A Bit Of A Shock! (As Kingston Do Not Do A 64Gb Drive In White/Green!) These Are Only A Fraction Of The Size That Is Stated! These Are Just Flash Drive's That Have Been Hacked To Look Like 64Gb Drives! If You Have Bought One You Should Contact The Seller And Ask For A Refund! Sellers If You Did Not Know That You Were Selling A Fake Drive, Then Please Give The Buyer There Money Back And Do The Right Thing.  If On The Other Hand You Have Been Contacted By Myself Or One Of The Other Anti Fraud Contacts And You Continue To Sell These Fake Drives! Then I Am Afraid You Are Breaking The Law For Knowingly Selling A Fake Drive! THIS IS CLASSED AS THEFT!! If A Seller Does Not Give You A Refund For Your Fake Item Please Contact Me With All The Details Of The Listing ect. And I Will Pass All Information Onto Kingston's Legal Department Who Have The Power To Prosecute The Seller Of The Said Item, And Claim Compensation For There Trademark!

Remember If The Price Seems To Good To Be True, Then You Can Bet It Is!

Keep eBay A Safe Place To Shop :)


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