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This guide is for those who have already embarked on an Emergency Food Storage programme  - this guide is to encourage and reaffirm why it is important to continue doing so.
This guide is also for those who have heard and read about Emergency Food Storage and considering starting their food storage programme but are waivering - I would also encourage you ready my guide - Why Store Food For Emergencies Part 1 and 2
And finally this is guide is for those who think Emergency Food Storage is unneccessary - I would  also encourage you  to read my guide Why Store For Food For Emergencies Part 1 and 2 - as a  grounding for emergency food storage.

As my previous guides highlights, an emergency is not just a natural disaster or extreme weather condition, an emergency is also sickness, job loss, loss of benefits reduced income, all of which affect our income and our ability to buy food - even while food is all around us.

In addition to the fast paced changing world, we in the UK and many around the world need to consider the effect of globalisation that not only impacts our economies through trade deals, imports and exports, and currency fluctations but economic entanglements across many countries and political alliances and divisions,  all have a very real impact on our income through jobs (or loss of jobs) and policitical treaty's, agendas and dictacts that all affect our income and our livelihood as a whole and in short our ability to live, pay our bills and feed ourselves and our family.

While the world did not end in 2012 (nor did I expect it to), there are many factors on the horizon that will affect many of us in the UK, Europe and USA, that can mean the end of the world for many families.

While the world ticks on, some in their own private world are falling apart, many times unseen, or unacknowledged  by governments.  If they do acknowledge the hardships families and households are facing, they may seemingly pay lip service but continue to the exact opposite through their various bills and economic decisions.  Many in the UK, Europe and USA are working to pay almost all their income back in bills. Quality of life is becoming a distant third for some non-existent.

Very much on the horizon and currently taking place in the UK, Europe and USA are those who are at risk of losing their home because they are struggling to pay their mortgage, evicted or in serious danger of being evicted because they are struggling to pay their rent.  Have less to eat because of increasing food prices (including smaller packaging at the same price), having less income due to rising transport, rail, petrol and utility prices along with stagnating wages or minimum or below minimum wages  - which for all the rhetoric of many goverments, past and present, have not put into law a living wage, which would leave many better off ..

For those already putting in place Emergency Food Storage THIS is the cruical year to step everything up a gear.  The safety net in the UK and indeed Europe and USA is being rapidly being pulled out from under us faster than anyone can imagine or many realise.  The mass media may briefly touch on some salient points but much of the true nature what  is taking place in our countries are not spoken about in the mass media and the perpetual lie by governments are putting an unwitting population(s) into a dangerous slumber.

For those already considering Emergency Food Storage - START NOW - I have written a detailed guide on "How to Start an Emergency Food Storage Programme" Parts 1 & 2 - these guides gives a clear outline and put the whole process in systematic way so that is not overwhelming.

For those who believe Emergency Food Storage is unnecessary - unless you are earning £65 - £100K or more then I would urge you seriously do research on the internet to get a true picture of what is taking place not just in the UK economy but European, USA and indeed world economies that are all coming to a head and would encourage you to look up on the internet the following:-

1.  The UK Column
3.  World Food Crisis
4.  Food Crisis
5.  UK Food Banks / Rise in Food Banks in the UK / Food Banks
6.  Economic Crash / Economic Crisis
7.  Rise of Homelessness in UK. Europe. USA

2013 is set to be a very difficult year in the UK and indeed for Europe and USA for ordinary low and middle income families.  Many benefits, from child benefit,working tax credit, housing benefit, council tax benefit are set to be cut in April 2013 - while the uprating of these benefits are also set to be 1% for years to come in the UK- all very well if inflation is 0.5% but with inflation around 2.5%- 3% and predicted to rise - there is an obvious shortfall, resulting in higher poverty. 

While wages may be stagnated say an 1 - 1.5% on average salary of £26k = £260 roughly £21.66  per month - £5.42 per week (not a great pay increase admittedly) with the media and political propoganda  you would think thousands are being added to people's benefits - but with job seekers allowance on average £71.00 per week equating to £3,692 pa - 1% increase equates to  = £36.92 roughly £3.07 per month - £0.77p per week - enough to buy a loaf of bread?? - no

The fiscal cliff was generally averted in the USA though take note, while  tax increases will be introduced for those earning $400k - $450K for couples,  most low and middle income families will see payroll tax taken out of their incomes.  So with someone earning £100k (supporting a family of 4)  that works out to $150.00 less per month - again it seems those that can least afford it always seem to pay.

 Along with employment rights being eroded  in the UK- many are fearful of losing their job - particularly as of 6th April 2012 if you have not been in that job for 2 years you will not longer be able to take that company to an employment tribunial if you have been unfairly dismissed or descriminated against and then you have to pay to start the whole process. There is a  systematic reduction /dissemation of legal aid, the most vunerable in employment will find  it a extremely hard uphill battle to be heard regarding employment injustice if you don't have the funds to start the process.

There is no longer anything called job security, paricularly wth a job seeker glut on the market, tough economic conditions and limited financing for businesses -both small and large - resulting in the likelihood of someone losing their job at least once  or twice in a 1 year period extremely high.

So while it is "in vogue" to bash benefit claimants particularly with mass media demonisation and for that matter, synchronisation with the government of declaring everyone on benefits to be a scrounger in the UK.  There are many in-work families and households and self-employed people who rely on Working Tax Credit and for that matter Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit because some cannot get full time work and relagated to part -time work with with a paltry salary therefore requiring Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit to top up their income in order to stay in their homes.

While yes there are those that take the p**s out of the system particularly those who have never worked a day in their life and don't want to work,   there are they are many genuine reasons why a household will be on benefit and this tactic  of systematically dividing a nation  is simply a distraction and quite frankly divisive way  of the government(s) diverting attention away from the  lack of economic plan or will to implement a plan -  while education, housing, transport, food prices, the cost of living are going through the roof and  while being sick or out of work or low paid job - particularly if no fault of your own -  are now being treated like a second class citizen if you need to rely on benefits. (this also goes for USA and Europe)

In short this current generation is paying into a system that is supposed to assist us when the chips are down or when we retire - in reality the pension age has moved and is most likely to move again, which may well mean we may die before even claiming a pension.   Many us will not have a sufficient safety net when we become ill or unemployed, coupled with the rising cost of living and the trend being set for benefits to be paid significantly below the rate of inflation - many will lose the homes they have worked for all their lives  - and be constantly pushed towards the poverty line.

The removal of child benefit for those earning £60K in the UK - right or wrong - is it right or wrong for these people to pay into a system where some families are having, 5, 6 and 10 children  and they still get child benefit and don't or will not work??? - more division being created.

In short the trend has been set and begs the question, what else is going to be taken away under the guise of the "deficit" while, MP's continue to get very reasonable salaries the average being £65K AND claim expenses - (not living in a bubble then).

In the UK, Europe and USA, the benefit system is systematically being attacked, while asking citizens to pay into a system that is being privatised before their very eyes - so not only are you paying into a system that is supposed to help you when things are tough - the reality is that you may not benefit from it when you really need it, because its been privatised, or the benefit has been removed, taken away or reduced to the bare minimum that provides little or no assistance.  The key question to ask yourself with regard to food storage is this.  If you lose your job, have no savings and the benefits you thought you would get are either withheld or reduced - HOW  CAN YOU FEED YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY?

For the first time in about 3 years - the issue of large rise of food banks have been raised in UK Parliment - at Prime Minister's questions this week (February 2013).  However the stock answer is not to answer or deal with the issue the  alarming increases in food banks - but give the  polictical stock answer that  the tax bracket has been raised for many low income earners.

This clearly demonstrates that instead of putting into a law a living wage, the issue of increased food prices and the vexing issue of packets and tins of food becoming smaller but the price is the same or more - hence equating to an increase in your food bill and added pressure on incomes - this is called  FOOD INFLATION and for many who cannot afford and have to go to food banks, this is called FOOD POVERTY.

Food banks CANNOT provide food for everyone that needs it - In fact many have to turn people away for the rising demand - many food banks rely on donations, and with household incomes being squeezed the donations will get less.  Even if you can get food from a food bank, - one -  they cannot supply you with food every week or every day - two - things that you like or want may not necessarily be available / supplied as its not a "want" system it is "need" system.  They have to try and give the neediest cases and especially those that might have children and many have a system of how many times they can give the same family/person per month - to ensure there is some fairness in the system - many times there is 3 voucher system   - any further assistance is at the discretion of the food bank BUT NOT GUARANTEED.

If you or your family are on a special diet due to diabetes or specific illness, food banks may not be able to supply food specific to your dietary needs - this is a very important point to consider if you are already storing food for emergencies or embarking on an emergency food storage programme.

In short expecting a food bank to deal with the fallout of  austerity :- rising unemployment, reduced incomes, above inflation increases in food, transport, utilities, petrol, below inflation increases in working age benefits -  is unrealistic and unwise to say the least.
While redundancy can come so quickly - that there is little time to prepare financially and  while waiting for out of work benefits to kick in you may have to visit a food bank - there is no shame in this ...... but to be in employment and to intelligently observe the reduction of the standard of living and food inflation and STILL not do anything about it - is in short foolish -as  the old adage goes - you've got to eat - so how are you if you don't prepare and the "system" cannot help you?

I therefore urge you if you do have any spare income now  - to seriously start stocking food - dried, tinned, dehydrated - get it done!!!.  You must ask yourself, if you had no income or severely reduced income that can barely pay your mortgage or rent - what will happen if you can only get 3-4 food parcels from a food bank and after that no more?? - Do you starve?. Do you not pay your rent or mortagage to buy food and then become homeless??.  THESE ARE THE HARD AND RELEVANT QUESTIONS YOU MUST ask yourself if you do not store food.

The UK economy is in crisis (and for that matter many world economies are) the government is not going to help you pay your bills, stay in your job or buy your food - SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO PREPARE FOR AN EMERGENCY????

Austerity is currently being rolled out all over Europe so that European economies can tackle their respective deficit.  What many mainstream medias are not reporting that with austerity comes little to no growth and with that larger deficits. - Then to make matters worse  those that are borrowing from the IMF adds additional costs to the economy.  In short, take for instance Greece, by the time they wind down  their austerity programme, their deficit would not have actually been reduced but will simply return to the level it was before  the austerity programme started - so what benefit has it been to the country? - none.  People's lives have been financially ruined and  for many emotionally and mentally ruined with social divisions created or widening and extremist politics taking over - creating a chaos that wasn't in the country before - for whose benefit?

All the while the common man bears the brunt of austerity, the politicans are still getting their large salaries WITH expenses, chauffered cars and expensive meals - the same people that brought their  countries to ruin. All the while public services are being systematically diminished or abolished, pension ages are going up, taxes are going up, cost of living is going up and standard of living is going down.



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