HOW TO TELL FAKE SPOOF Email From Ebay or Paypal

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BE ware of those fake email which tried to get your ebay/paypal password. For our own safety and our business partners, and our $$'s...

1. Pay special attention to those which asked about an item which is not in your listing, treaten of leaving NFB, asking about something 1000 USD payment--somthing not happens daily,

2. The Login page of those emails may looks like ebay's or paypal's--however the domain name of the link in browser window does not belong to ebay or paypal-- e.g.  not: HTTP:// XXX.EBAY.COM / XX/XXX or http:// XXX.PAYPAL.CO.UK/XX/XXX, it's something like: HTTP://  XYZ.COM/EBAY/LOGIN.HTML      

3. Don't Share your accout with your friend or inlaws, don't forget logout after using ebay/paypal at pubilc pc in office or university,

4. Change password once a month, setting different one for email, paypal, ebay....

5. When the worst thing happens... remember to get your id back asap by writing to eBay Customer Support...


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