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There are many psychics out there. Like anything else, there are psychics who are genuine and not genuine; psychics who are good and who are bad. Many make unrealistic, excessive claims and promote themselves with glitz and unnecessary assertions. Whilst there is nothing wrong about promoting oneself, we have to be reasonable because unrealistic and excessive claims can build too high an expectation, and when the expectation cannot be delivered, that is when disappointment and a loss of faith occurs, thus promoting a low opinion of psychics, placing them in a negative frame. This subjects genuine psychics to ridicule and brings their professional field into disrepute.

To help make it clear what a psychic is and was he/she is not, I will explain. A psychic or spiritual reading IS NOT an exact science. Conducting a psychic reading is not like looking in a book or album and clearly seeing details about times, dates, names and other information with ease, then obtaining them and relaying them to the sitter with exact precision. No, I am afraid it does not work that way. Psychics in the movies and via various other scenarios can give the wrong impression of what a psychic or medium actually is, and what psychic readings and spirit communication are all about.

Psychics can and do genuinely help people with their problems, issues and offer guidance. They also pick up on influences and energies that are beneficial to a person so that they meet opportunities they would have otherwise passed by without knowing or even being aware of them. Psychics cannot change a person’s way of life or force changes around them, that is down to the individual as we all have free choice and will. We can help guide by tuning into the psychic realm and  point out options along the way to enable you to make the most of what is available.

So what is a psychic reading and how do psychics work? 

Psychics work with the energies, emotions, feelings and experiences emitted from and around the person, and their aura for whom they are reading. The psychic uses his/her natural gifts to ‘tune’ into these energies and the world around the individual. A psychic is sensitive to all the nuances and picks up information on a psychic level. He/she will see images and receive impressions. Psychic information is received visually (clairvoyantly), aurally (clairaudiently), by feelings and sensations (clairscientience) and of course through the sense of smell, although not necessarily in that order or all at any one time. Psychics receive all this information, which then sometimes also manifests via their physical senses, just as we use our physical senses in life. It also happens that, as we live around other people, i.e., friends, family acquaintances, etc., their energies and influences are ‘absorbed’ on and by us, including, some of their experiences and situations. It is quite normal for a psychic at times to unknowingly ‘tune’ into these people, their experiences and situations, and relay the information that they pick up about them to the sitter. This can cause some confusion because a psychic may well be referring to another person or a situation that relates to a friend of the sitter whilst reading for them without the psychic actually being aware. The sitter may well be confused and not understand any of the information, and feel that the reading did not make sense. It is only when the information is considered, clarified and validated, and put into perspective that both parties then realise whom they are taking about and where the information fits, then the reading does indeed make sense. I recently conducted a sitting for a lady who wanted me to make contact with her mother in spirit. As I was communicating with her mother, she was frustrated and anxiously trying to get her message across to me and kept repeating, “the relationship is no good. The relationship is no good”. I tried to calm her down but it was no good, she kept repeating the same message and made me feel anxious and tense. The lady could not understand what her mother was talking about because she told me her relationship with her husband was fine and felt at the time she had not got much from the sitting. A few days later she rang me and explained the situation. Apparently, mother was talking about her son, who lived many miles away from his sister in Scotland. Brother and sister had not been in contact for some time. Her brother’s marriage had ended and he was very upset and depressed by it. For some reason he decided to get in contact with his sister and gave her a call, explaining what had happened. She then made invited him to stay with her to offer him help at this time. Now everything suddenly made sense and brought enlightenment and guidance to the sitter. This is what can happen with a psychic or spiritual reading. 

Psychic information can come through quickly and the psychic will not necessarily always understand the context or meaning of the information because it is personal and not intended for them but the sitter. This is the same when communicating with spirit. Most information that is received psychically does have significance even if we cannot pinpoint it at that moment. So when we do not understand or resonate with what a psychic or medium is saying it does not mean that they are not good at what they do, are not genuine or you did not get anything from the reading, it may simply mean that they are talking at cross-purposes or about something which you are not familiar at the time. It is only when the info is validated and discussed that a true understanding and clarity is found. Of course, there are many times when the psychic fully understands the information that comes through.  

Not all psychics are mediums but ALL mediums are psychic.

Psychics also see symbols that connect with their abilities and some have a variety of symbols that are a key to the information they receive, whether from the psychic realm or from directly spirit. For example being shown white flowers by spirit tells me that it is someone’s birthday. Seeing a key whilst reading indicates to me a period or security for that individual. Spirit has to work with the medium to find a level of communication that is appropriate and on a par with each other. Spirit too can have problems communicating so there has to be some parity between spirit and the medium. Each has to adjust their psychic level to optimise communication and enable it to take place. This is all done quickly by both parties, as the experienced medium will work at the best level of communication with the spirit and vice versa. If the spirit is also experienced in communicating with a medium the whole process is made much easier and information can better flow. Spirit uses symbols, sounds feeling/sensations, smell, etc., to connect particularly, spirit guides as the medium has a special rapport, understanding and reference with them.

Until a psychic reading is started, the psychic generally does not know what will come through, whether it be from spirit or from his/her own psychic abilities, depending on the type of reading that is being conducted. Any genuine psychic will tell you this. Beware of those who make wild claims because psychics are not superhuman with superhuman powers, nor are we infallible. We cannot wave a magic wand and make things happen. It does not work that way even though at times we may wish it did. 

Psychics are not mind readers, either. If a person requires a reading about an issue in their life then it is best to ask the psychic to focus on a specific area. All to often people ask for a general reading when they really do have a particular problem or situation about which they need answers and insight but won’t mention. They will say there is nothing special they want to focus on when really there is a situation they are hoping to receive answers about, whether it be about a relationship, career or someone close to them, etc., To ask for a general reading does not help anyone because a general reading is non-specific. It only skims over various aspects of the person’s issues. Whilst the psychic will more than likely pick up on a specific situation, they may not deem it as important as the individual and only touch upon the matter before moving onto another situation and therefore not enough information is given or time spent on the issue that the sitter initially came to have the reading about. Had the psychic been requested to focus on a particular area then the relevant information would have been concentrated on and answers found. A general reading therefore has only given general details and not specific information because the psychic was only looking at things in general and not in depth. Also, questions need to be specific, clear and unambiguous; for example, if someone asks, “have I made the right decision”? What does this really mean? Well, it can mean many things. There are clearly and obviously many situations in our lives when we would question, “have I made the right decision”? But what period in our lives or situation is being referred to? Are we talking past or present? A decision about what? This is not a specific or focused question for a psychic to concentrate on and look into. It is important to understand that in the psychic and spiritual realms there is no time as we know it here in the physical world. Time does not have the significance, reference or meaning it has here so psychics are entering a very vast, infinite psychic universe where they have to try and be selective where they search for information. Again, the psychic will pick up on times when we have felt unconfident and doubted ourselves about a choice, decision or action and at the associated period emotions and feelings will be high, and the psychic will pick up on those highs but is this the right high, time, situation or event? One emotion about a decision may be stronger in the past than the present other than what the sitter wants to focus on. An ambiguous question posed like this with a request for a general reading is meaningless. A general reading is too wide an area to pinpoint any specific needs. Imagine searching a whole universe whereby you are looking to find one unidentified rock without any map or reference point; where do you begin? And if you do stumble across it, would you fully recognise it? The person asking the question needs to understand in their own mind what they want to achieve from the reading. So with regard to the question above if it relates to career, for example, a better question or way of phrasing it would be “I am considering changing my job, is this the right time?" Or “ if I change my job now, is the timing right?" "If I decided to change my job now, would there be anything else in the pipeline?" This is far more clear and coherent. So if you want the maximum benefit from your reading, then be specific about what you actually want from your reading; want to focus on and have a defined, clear question. It is in your best interests. 

Of course there will be times you want a reading just out of interest or curiosity and not have any pressing issues, in that case it is a good idea to select an area or areas of you life that you would like to see improve or the discover the direction they are headed, that way we can obtain clear information that is of real help rather than vague. Genuine psychics understand there are a lot of false psychics and that sitters do not want to give too much information away in case you are not a psychic, and they would be telling you anyway what to say, or providing you with the answers and then there is no psychic reading. Genuine psychics do not want you to tell them or give information to them in that way because it does not help the psychic and can conflict with what they see. All we require is clarity about what you want the outcome to be from the reading. For that reason I do not offer a general reading. 

 When contacting spirit, I prefer to do this on a personal one-on-one basis or via phone rather than a distance e-mail reading because it is a delicate and subtle area. Strong emotions can be involved and because spirit communicate in many different ways, I take into account the sitters feelings and emotions, and like to be sure the information I am getting makes sense. I also have to relay the information in a caring and thoughtful way. Spirits of loved ones do not come through to visit or speak to me, they come through to speak to their loved ones here in the physical world. They are attracted by the physical presence of the person they wish to contact and are not necessarily interested in the medium when personal contact needs to be made. So if I wanted to contact a loved one in spirit without the presence of the sitter, that spirit person may well opt not to come through because there is no presence of the sitter and they are not familiar with me. They may come through if they wish or can but the energies are empowered by the actual presence of the sitter and they attracted to them. Through the fabrics of the spirit world and our world the sitter heightens the connection. In other words, the sitter is the magnet to attract their loved one and the medium is the antenna to enable communication to take place. Obviously other spiritual communications are taken on their own merit. If we could communicate with spirit as we do with each other here, we would actually not be on this physical earth ourselves but in the spirit world.

When psychics conduct distance e-mail and phone readings, a strong link can be established with the person they are reading for. Psychic information is picked up and relayed via phone or e-mail. So it is not always necessary to have a personal one-on-one reading. The advantage of an e-mail or phone reading is convenience and privacy in the comfort of your own home, and  you can have your questions answered. When I conduct a distance e-mail psychic reading I achieve very good results. I do prefer to conduct spiritual readings on a personal one-on-one basis or via phone for the reasons I have outlined above and do not regularly provide them solely as an email reading, however, it does happen that whilst I am conducting a psychic e-mail reading that spirit will bring in a message, in that instance I will include it in the reading and relay it to the person for whom I am reading. Please be receptive and understanding about what comes through, as sometimes we are not able to verbally clarify the message. Psychics can only give to you what is given to them. Please take and accept what impressions come though and the psychics interpretation. When  possible, things can of course later be clarified via e-mail. When I am reading, what comes through to me is what I give to you and this is how I work. With a genuine psychic or medium, readings and spirit mostly always make sense. It is us who do not always understand or misinterpret the message. 

A psychic reading can provide guidance, optimism, useful information, closure and healing. A glimpse into your future can prepare you for what is to come and enable you to work at your maximum potential. It also prepares you for the unexpected. There is always something positive that can be gained from a psychic reading. Past matter can be put to rest and an understanding found. Problems can be solved and insight given; the way forward can bee seen in a more clear way. You can better capitalise on opportunities that come your way because you are prepared. You can take advantage of events that are in your future. These are just some of the helpful instances that a psychic can provide.

When your sitting is over with the psychic or medium, you should come away feeling that you have gained something. They should also leave you with a feeling of positivity and enlightenment so that you have benefitted from your reading. A genuine psychic would have it no other way.

Much Love & Light
Danny Mando

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