HP NX9010 laptop, review and guide!

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Hello and welcome to my guide for the HP NX9010 laptop.

Good points : You get a decent amount of power and performance for your money, most are less than 200 pounds with shipping, the screen is nice and clear, keyboard is reasonably robust and the built in wireless adapter is pretty good!

Bad points : It's quite heavy, they have a pretty bad cooling problem and no overheating protection software compounds the problem, to get mine to run probably, it mounted on small blocks to improve airflow and I've remove the fan guards, it can crash, without any kind of warning, the media drive (DVD/CDRW) will not read any kind of R or RW disc that I inserted, Battery life is pathetic, it has just enough power to start up, the support software from HP is not brilliant either.

Overall : The laptop I am reviewing is the 2.66ghz P4 processor powered with 704mb of ram, there are more powerful models than this, so the cooling problem will certainly be worse.

For a reliable workhorse of a Laptop, Avoid, it has too many faults to be considered an everyday tool, If HP launched some software that could control the CPU speed, like you get on most other laptops, it would probably be pretty reliable, but because they haven't, it just runs at full speed all the time, it overheats and murders the battery life!

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