HPI Radio-Controlled Car Parts Buying Guide

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HPI Radio-Controlled Car Parts Buying Guide

The Beginnings of Radio Controlled Cars

Radio controlled, or R/C cars have been popular since the late 20th century as a way for children and even adults to spend their time. They are model cars or trucks that are self-powered and controlled from a distance with the use of a specialised transmitter – and the basic formula remains the same in 2013.

However, radio controlled cars have also changed significantly since the Italian company Elettronica Giocattoli released the very first one, a Ferrari 250LM, in 1966. The small electric motors have been improved and in many cases superseded by gasoline-powered or nitro engines, giving a vast enhancement of power.

The engine, chassis, body and suspension of modern radio controlled cars have undergone countless improvements, culminating in the dragsters and popular rugged off-road vehicles seen today at meetings around the world.

Hobby Products International

One of the major manufacturers of radio controlled cars today is Hobby Products International, known around the world as HPI. The Californian firm began as an export business in 1986 and started producing its own range of radio controlled cars in the 1990s. Now in demand all around the world, especially on eBay, the company’s products can be found under Toys and Models; a sensible category, but one that may irritate adult enthusiasts of scaled down cars proportionally more powerful than the full-sized vehicles. HPI radio controlled cars and car parts are found in Toys & Models, then Radio Controlled Cars..

These HPI models are available as ‘ready to run’, or in other words, working straight out of the box, or with varying degrees of self-assembly. The latter models are ideal for experienced modellers who would prefer to personalise or customise their cars. Spare parts will be needed to upgrade standard models and these, too, can be found by searching eBay. You should arrive at: Toys and Games> Radio-Controlled> Cars> Car Parts and Accessories.. You’ll find a huge variety of precision-engineered, genuine HPI parts for sale.

Some people view eBay as the original comparison site although it didn’t always have the amount of full-time commercial sellers on board that it does now. However, commercially minded traders can’t just increase the prices for HPI Radio Controlled Car Parts, for example, because the market price has already been established. Enthusiasts know that they can head to eBay to work out an average price before starting to bid on items.

Categories of HPI Radio Controlled Car Parts

Many parts on a HPI Radio Controlled Car can be improved, or ‘modded’. See below for more information on each part;

Engine Parts

Of course, a radio controlled model car goes nowhere without its engine.  Furthermore, even if that engine is working well, you can tweak and upgrade to increase its firepower. Whatever you need for a repair or upgrade, home hobbyists as well as commercial suppliers are more than likely to have what you need. But eBay is not just the place to go when you need something urgently. As there are so many affordable deals around, it is worth spending a little time each week to see what is on offer. Running and maintaining radio controlled cars is not the cheapest of hobbies to begin with, so picking up affordable spare parts on eBay for later use is a sensible option. If you belong to a club, you will be well-placed to share these online bargains with other members.


HPI Radio Controlled Cars fall into two distinct groups – on-road and off-road. The first group is for those who feel the need for speed, while the second is for those who want to behave as rugged as rugged can be. Off-road controllers will want to put their cars in as many challenging situations as possible, and this will eventually take its toll on the chassis and suspension. EBay should be your first port of call for affordable spare parts for HPI models and, even if you can’t see what you are looking for, you’ll probably find a reasonably priced part that you may need in the future.

Gears and gearboxes

If you are the kind of model enthusiast who likes to use your car to compete, you need to get the maximum power from all of your models. While the engine may be giving you its maximum potential, a failing gearbox will simply lose all of that power. Looking on eBay to see what is available in Toys and Games> Radio-Controlled> Cars> Car Parts and Accessories,, then selecting Gears & Gearboxes, will keep you up to date with what’s available and how much other radio controlled car fans are bidding. Of course, you probably won’t always want the whole gearbox, but it will often be worth snapping up a bulk buy and ‘breaking’ it for spares. There are many HPI Radio Controlled Car models available, electric, petrol and nitro, on-road and off-road, and there are many spare parts to either repair or upgrade them.


If you’ve spent a lot of money on your HPI Radio Controlled Car,, you’ll want to take care of it, and one of the most important things is being able to tell the car to stop, so good brakes are essential. If you have bought a ‘ready to run’ model car or assembled your own model car, you will have a new vehicle with perfect brakes, straight from the factory. Over time, however, the parts of the brake assembly will start to wear, especially if you have been in intensive races where you have to brake hard for corners and switchbacks. Bid on eBay for available spare brake parts, or items that may come in handy in the future.


While it’s important to look after how your HPI Radio Controlled Car performs, it is almost as important to think about how it looks as you put it through its paces in front of possibly hundreds of spectators. You’ll want a colour that stands out from the rest and eBay is the ideal place to bid for affordable body paints and decals. Although your HPI Radio Controlled Car is smaller than a road car, it is built from the same components, so you can search for vehicle paint on eBay and find an affordable deal for your model car. If you are racing or showing more than one vehicle, even a fleet or a stable, you’ll probably want them all to have the same colour scheme. Bid for an affordable batch of paint on eBay and save a lot of money. You can also find a huge variety of decals on eBay for your model vehicle at affordable prices; take the opportunity to purchase a large batch and share them within your group.

What HPI Radio-Controlled Car Parts Are All About

Above everything, owning and driving a HPI Radio Controlled Car is about having fun. Each time you browse eBay for parts, or just to keep up with the latest news, you’ll realise how many people share your interest and are buying and selling, every day. That’s why it is so important to keep logging into eBay; don’t miss that essential item that will make your collection complete and ready to compete.

Testing, Testing

Putting your radio controlled car through its paces at home is an essential part of getting ready for a meet, event or competition. It is essential that you:

  • Test the brakes by sending the car on a flat straight at maximum speed to see how well it handles and responds to maximum, full-on braking.
  • Test the engine in the same way; you will get a much more reliable result if you test your car on a flat straight.

Buying HPI Radio Controlled Car Parts on eBay

HPI Radio Controlled Car Parts products can be found on eBay under Toys and Games> Radio-Controlled> Cars> Car Parts and Accessories in the Toys & Games section, or you can just type HPI Radio Controlled Car Parts in the search box. Once in this section, searching for what you want or viewing what is being offered on eBay is simple.

There are a lot of good people out there trading on eBay and the vast majority of them want nothing more than to see their stuff go to a good home, or are looking for affordable stuff to buy. Before you decide to buy or sell anything, however, you should browse eBay’s Security and Resolution Center. You’ll find answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of asking!

Keeping your money safe

You don’t ever need to give your bank details or any other information to someone you do not know. When buying on eBay, use PayPal – it is simple and safe, and recommended by eBay and every other commercial Internet site.

Read the description

Read the longer description of any listing carefully. Look at the photo(s) and decide if the item is what you really want to buy. Only start bidding when you are sure about this.


Some sellers will charge much more than others do for the same item, so beware of those trying to make a little bit extra on top. However, it may be worth paying extra for postage if the item is a great eBay bargain.

Ask seller a question

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask the seller a question. Experienced sellers will give you an honest answer because they are used to this and want to hold on to their high Positive Feedback rating. A reputable seller will have nothing to hide and will want others to join the eBay community.

Bid or Buy it now

Once you’ve found a model that interests you, you can either make a bid for it or look for the ‘Buy it now’ price and purchase it straight away.

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