HRI Water Tablets

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OK I am writing a guide on HRI water retention tablets, stop paying silly prices on ebay for same tablets you can get in ASDA for £2 or furthermore the most expensive is £2.20 from boots but they usually can turn out even be cheaper if you buy 2 get the 3rd free. so don't get ripped off please!!! Some people on ebay really need to get a reality check!! its supposed to be an auction site for cheap goods not, to rip people off. ok now for the review:

As a male, I been taken these tablets, so they just not only work or just for women they for anyone that has problems with water retention and my partner recommended them to me.

I had never seen or heard of these HRI Water Balance tablets until I saw them in my bathroom cupboard they were my partners tablets, she recommended them to me as a possible solution to a problem I face each year when going on holiday abroad.
Every time I go abroad my feet and ankles tend to swell up, which can become quite painful when walking and also because of this I find I have to wear flip-flop style sandals all the time time during my holiday, as they are the only footwear that I can comfortably wear whilst my feet and ankles are swollen.

I wasn't sure whether or not it was the flight or the hot weather that has caused my feet to become swollen each time I go abroad, or maybe a mixture of both. I hadn't tried wearing flight socks as the flight was only approx 2 hours 20 mins and I always thought flight socks were meant to be worn on long flights. However, getting a little fed up with this problem reoccurring whilst abroad each summer, I decided this year I would try flight socks.

~~~HRI Water Balance~~~

HRI Water Balance are herbal tablets containing Dandelion Root, Buchu, Parsley Piert and Uva Ursi. All of these ingredients are recognised for their diuretic action, which means that they help rid your body of excess water, which is known as water retention. The signs of this can be swollen abdomen or swollen hands and ankles as the body stores water instead of passing it out through urine and sweat.
By taking these tablets and relieving water retention your body will be maintaining a normal body fluid balance.

HRI Water Balance should not be taken if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also if you have an intolerance to sugars you are advised to consult your doctor before taking these tablets. They are also not suitable for children under 12 years old.

~~~My Experience~~~

Having read the enclosed leaflet before purchasing these tablets, I saw that it mentioned water retention in the ankles during flights and so felt hopeful that these could help. I also felt confident about taking them as they are a traditional herbal remedy. Together with wearing a pair of flight socks I hoped that painful swollen ankles whilst on holiday would be a thing of the past. I also suffer from a swollen stomach due to a vaser surgery I had, so thought even if they only helped with that then they were still worth buying.

I purchased a bottle of these tablets from Morrisons and they cost just over £3.00 for a bottle of 50 tablets, but found them cheaper in ASDA and Boots for 3 for 2. The dosage is to take two tablets twice a day after meals. They should not be taken on an empty stomach.
I began taking these tablets the day before I went on holiday. During my flight I also wore flight socks for the first time. During the first few days of my holiday I kept taking the tablets and was really pleased to have no swelling of my ankles whatsoever, despite the weather being really hot. Now whether this was down to wearing flight socks or taking these tablets or a bit of both, I do not know. What I do know however, is that I was over the moon not to be walking around with swollen ankles!

A week went by and the second week of my holiday began and we went on a day excursion which involved a fair bit of walking, much more than I had been doing up until that point. It was also another extremely hot day and it was whilst walking around that I felt my ankles becoming a little stiff and uncomfortable. I glanced down at my feet and noticed my ankles and the tops of my feet were beginning to look puffy. Fortunately they didn't become too painful and I was able to enjoy my day, but I was disappointed that once again I was suffering with swollen ankles.
I carried on taking the tablets for the remainder of the holiday and found that although my ankles were fine when I got up on a morning, they were swollen by evening time, although nowhere near as painful as what they have been in previous years whilst on holiday when I haven't been taking these tablets, so I still felt they were doing some good.

Another thing I noticed was that my stomach was flatter because I was not retaining as much water in my abdomen as usual and I never felt bloated, so that was a huge bonus too. I understand some people have took these when trying to lose weight and I can see why, as my clothes did not feel uncomfortable whilst I was on holiday and I did not feel bloated at all at anytime. Therefore these tablets are excellent in that respect.
I did wonder if by taking these tablets I would be going to the toilet more often, but I did not notice any difference.

Overall, I was quite happy with these tablets. Whilst they did not eradicate the problem of swollen ankles totally, I had a few puffy-free days and then when they did become swollen, it was not as bad as I have suffered on previous occasions when not taking these tablets. Also I enjoyed having a flatter stomach, which was good. I will continue to use these tablets now and forever!! They are fab

If you suffer from water retention, I can recommend you give these a try for a better and flatter belly

Summary: Ideal for reducing water retention in your abdomen and can also help with swollen ankles and hands too.

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