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How to spot an original Hugo Boss Orange (Label) item:

All BOSS Clothing has a style; a name given to the garment.

Orange Label clothing was conceived in 1999 and introduced in 2000 therefore anything that pre-dates this is not genuine Orange (Label). Boss Sport for example, has a part orange badge but it is not part of the Orange Label range.  

All Orange Label clothing is in the 'casual' style.

Orange (Label) clothing is frequently targeted by counterfeiters and Hugo Boss change detailing on a regular basis to combat this. Therefore, in the guide below, the top most description/s will be the latest points to look for. What follows will be other detailing that has been used.

Casual Shirts:

You will find a square orange label underneath collar with the word BOSS in prominent white lettering and underneath the BOSS word in smaller white letters - HUGO BOSS. Depending on the age of the shirt you will find the following: most recent - small orange Boss label to side seam. If the shirt has a breast-pocket then the small orange label is on the left-hand side of the pocket and not the seam (when looking face on). This label has the letters BOSS running up the label 'B' then 'O' and 'S' and 'S' in white. At the rear of the collar you will find white BOSS lettering again running-up vertically and a small orange square. This differs with shirt style sometimes it is white lettering running-up from the placket or it is a small horizontal orange label (white lettering) about four inches down from the rear of the collar.

Older- same square orange label inside, beneath collar; A vertical band of orange inside the collar to right of the square orange label when looking face-on. There will also be a small orange tab close by with the shirt size. The lettering will be in white. Breast-pocket seam will have the vertical orange BOSS label and on the rear of the shirt there will be some form of orange identification. It might be an orange tag, a small horizontal BOSS orange label or the BOSS word in relief (white or orange lettering).

All shirts are 100% cotton.

Casual Trousers:

Jeans: Large orange leather patch on rear waistband (outside), with BOSS in black lettering and HUGO BOSS underneath (small letters) also in black. This patch is stitched at three corners with orange thread and at one corner - bottom-right has a metal rivet. Rear pockets have orange flashes to each corner and the small front coin pocket will have a band of vertical orange stitching. Button-Fly jeans have each button-hole in orange or white thread. All buttons are silver and have BOSS and HUGO on them. Jeans are labelled HB1 or HB2. They are not named after US States.  

The HB1 and HB2 obviously signify Hugo Boss. In this instance the HB1 is the style name.

Older type of Orange (Label) jean: Inside rear waistband will be a small square orange badge, with BOSS in white lettering and directly underneath HUGO BOSS again in white lettering but smaller. Next to this badge will be a large vertical strip of orange detailing or a large square of orange thread [resembling a badge]. Front coin pocket will have a band of vertical orange stitching. Buttons are stamped with HUGO and BOSS. On the rear of the waistband there will be a stitched square of orange thread that resembles a patch.

Older Orange (Label) items always will have some form of orange detailing. This could be a strip of orange thread running internally throughout the waistband. Or it could be a plain leather orange badge on the waistband with detailed orange stitching underneath. All Hugo Boss Orange (label) jeans have a internal white label with the code number, the jean type, material composition and washing instructions written in black typeface. This label is directly behind the right-hand coin pocket. Cords also come in the HB1 and HB2 style.

Casual Jackets:
You will find a square Orange Label inside; below collar with ‘BOSS’ and underneath the ‘BOSS’ word HUGO BOSS all in white lettering. On the outside of jacket there will be a small square rubberised orange badge with BOSS in orange letters. All buttons are stamped either BOSS or HUGO and BOSS together. The zips-pulls are easily recognisable. The most recent have a rounded edge, while the older type are squarer. They all have HUGO BOSS in relief. Depending on the age of the jacket there will be an Article Label inside. Some are watermarked others are just plain in design. However, all quote Orange (Label) specifications. There will be an 'Article Number', Style, Material Composition and washing instructions.

Other Garments:
It is impossible to list every type but do be careful when buying T-Shirts and Shorts as eBay is littered with fakes. Hugo Boss clothing is made to an exacting standard and quality. There are specialised internet retailers who deal in genuine BOSS clothing - for example and their prices are high. So high, that most turn to eBay for a bargain. Genuine Hugo Boss bargains are available on eBay everyday. Unfortunately, so are the fakes. If an eBay trader is undercutting the genuine retailer by a margin of 50 to 75% then we can assume they are fakes or the eBay trader is eccentric (nuts!) Even items that purport to be new genuine 'Hugo Boss' and sell on eBay for on average of £100 are counterfeit. If the description for a new product doesn't match - don't buy it!

Look for the Orange detailing, use the internet to compare and ask your seller plenty of questions and ask them to back-up their claims with detailed photographs. Check the 'sellers other items' and note how many Hugo Boss garments are available. Too many and the price undercuts the genuine retailers by a factor of five or more, then they will be imitations. Stick to purchases from within the UK.

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