Hacked/changed MP4 player memory - how to fix it

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Recently I won two MP4 players on here. When the first MP4 player arrived, it looked ok, wasn`t boxed - but how things can change! Then, later the second MP4 player arrived, about two days after the first one.

The items were supposed to be 8GB MP4 players and be able to play MP4 files. I opened the packages and found the apparent MP4 players with disks, cables etc. I plugged the first MP4 player into a computer (two different computers) and they reported 8GB of memory for the MP? device. I attempted to copy around 8GB of files to it. It was very slow and when the transfer had completed I found that files/folders had been duplicated and there were many errors. When I tried to play the music/videos, the MP4 player either crashed/restarted or displayed errors. I knew something was wrong at this point.

Next I looked on the Internet for reasons and found many articles about hacked memory etc. I found one specific article on Ebay by the title of, "MP4 Player From Hong Kong RIPOFF - How To Check GB Size" this then lead me to another article by the same person, "How To Reset MP4 Player To Show Correct Size In XP". I also found other articles about using "Testdisk" from "Cgsecurity", which can be found by using those words in a search engine. Look for articles written by  b00kanear

When I found a safe location and downloaded "Testdisk" - make sure it is for your operating system, I was then able to see that my MP4 player with 8GB of memory was actually an MP4 (not even that really) player with about 1.9/2GB of memory. The MP4 bit is in question because it won`t actually play MP4 files, they need to be converted to an AMV format. So there we go, it has now become an MP3/MPG/AMV player with 1.9/2GB of memory.

The next thing that I did was to contact the suppliers and they did reply (partial refunds were later given by both sellers). Then I reported this to Ebay. I then looked at the disk provided by one of the suppliers, my anti-virus software picked up on more than one virus/problem located on the disk. The disk appears to be a copy and does not appear to allow an installation process for the various applications. Luckily I have other similar disks that came with different MP? players and was able to load various conversion programmes from them.

The story is exactly the same with the second MP? player. Both have the same size memory etc. They are different players, but the chipset appears to be the same, but the software is different.

One seller claimed to be in the UK, registered in the USA, but in fact was from China. The other seller was honest about being in China.

Results so far; I now have two stable MP3/MP?/whatever players with 1.9/2GB of REAL memory that seem to work. They were supposed to be MP4 players with 8GB capacity, "Testdisk" software definately helped and has allowed me to have stable players. Both MP? players have display issues, are not good at holding charge and are very slow.

Have a read of this .xbox0.co.uk/    put, http.www before the previous text, or do a search for the site.

Remember a couple of things: MP4 players are supposed to play MP4 files, not converted files. If an MP4 player won`t play MP4 files, then it is not an MP4 player!! Also, it appears that some sellers are saying that these players will crash. This is very likely because the memory has been hacked.

If you doubt any of this and think your MP4 player is legit, copy the max content to the drive; if its an 8GB drive - copy 8GB to it, now watch for errors/faults/restarts etc. Now wait for the seller to state that they have tested it etc... Both sellers came up with almost the same excuse and initially were reluctant to do much about the issue. They did provide partial refunds and both asked for positive feedback. I have never given negative feedback before, these two sellers were my first, mainly to warn others of this scam!

My advice; read articles on this sort of thing, choose if you want to gamble, keep the bid price down (if you do want to gamble) and expect to receive (if it arrives) a lesser item than you may have thought you were buying. This may not apply to all purchases, but it is worth considering!

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