Hair Fall Treatment for Men - What Works Best?

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Hair falling is a common thing these days in both men and women. But what is an effective treatment for it? and is there really an effective treatment that really resolves the condition?

Yes there is - but you have to do a lot of work, and its not a simple cure - if there was, you would already know about it - most people are too lazy, and this is why you don't see many stories of people recovering from hair falling - but there is a way to stop hair falling and get thicker hair naturally. 

First you need to understand, hair falling occurs from inflammation - even if its from hormones, stress or diet - it still occurs, because of inflammation - as an imbalanced hormone level causes inflammation, and so does stress and a high sugar diet. 

High sugar diet literally is the best way to accelerate your hair falling - so if you want it to stop, you need to consider this seriously, and also consuming high amounts of fat (unless you are exercising every day of the week to the maximum, you don't need that much fat in your diet). 

So what is the best way to help stop hair falling and regrow lost hair?

Try the following methods - (all together for best results) below: 

1. Scalp Massage daily. This is important to keep your follicles in the best condition for producing hair and getting rid of inflammation, and clogged vessels (scalp vessels get clogged easily because they are so tiny and have only space to pass one blood cell at a time!). 

2. Taoist Handmade Soap: Try the Taoist Soap (from - this is the only soap proven to stop inflammation (and designed for the scalp), and its free of chemicals (organically sourced) and made from the highest quality ingredients you can find anywhere. Its a little expensive, but it will last you a long time, so it is worth buying 3-5 bars to have it in stock as they often run out. 

3. Exercise and diet: Stop eating sugar, and start going for long brisk walks everyday. This will help clear your system out and help you further from reducing the inflammation in your scalp and whole body. Doing an intense 5-10 minute brisk walk (till you sweat and get breathless) is ideal to push it further on top of the exercise you will do. 

These are the key ways to stopping inflammation and helping hair grow back thicker and completely stopping hair falling out - but there are many ways to stop it, and help you recover - goal is to reduce inflammation and to support your body's blood circulation system (this in turn, helps reset the hormone imbalances to a certain extent too!). 
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