Handymen that clean up once they've left!

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Partners are a company that I have been using for years now. I am a landlord and constantly use them for odd jobs, assembly, painting and occasionally electric-whatnots.

I have chosen to write a review on them as they have been around for years, yet they don't have the best of advertising so don't get as much work as they should. Last week, one of the employees told me that they find work via word of mouth and most handyman companies find work through the media, facebook and other social networking sites now. So I took it upon myself to help them set up a website and other types of social media sites (now, I'm no Bill Gates) but I owe them so much that I felt it was best that I help spread the word. So, here it goes:

Partners Company are a group of dads and sons (and daughter - singular!) that work on pretty much ANY home improvement jobs, they aren't your typical do-the-job-halfhearted-leave-with-a-mess type of fellows. They book your job in advance with a quotation, give you a date and time, for example, 12.06.14 at 7am and guess what? Get there at 12.06.14 at 6.58am, greet you at the door with a smile on their face, a flask full of coffee in one hand and a spanner in the other. Everything they do is thorough and to a tee. They specialise in IKEA furniture when assembling and will even pick up your goods for you, deliver and assemble, I honestly couldn't say one bad thing against them.

When I hear of these horrid stories of other companies about lighting not being fitted properly so wires end up falling from ceilings and piping coming loose, I can't help but think that it isn't fair that these smaller, maybe not as well known businesses aren't getting the credit they deserve but instead are receiving a bad name.

About a month or so ago, I asked one of the employees to fit laminate flooring in a clients living room. He saw some blinds weren't yet fitted and decided to fit them for me - free of charge. This is the sort of service they provide. Now, as I said earlier, I have been with partners for years and as they have grown, their pricing has stayed the same: CHEAP. 

Please give Partners ago, links to their websites and contact information are below:

phone: 07926116244
or search google for partnersassembly

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