Hang Gliding for fun and learning.

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Fly like a Bird!
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Fly like a Bird!

The basics

Hang gliding is a whole load of fun.  You will experience exhilaration that is like a dream come true ( many people who have dreamt of flying ( sleep dreams!)  no longer do once they have experienced hang gliding.  I will teach you the basics, on a hill in a beautiful location int the Peak District National Park.  After a initial theory introduction we will spend the rest of the day making flights - with you in control from the start - Flying solo!!  Don't worry though - I will be on the ground ( ;-P!?) controlling  one or more ropes to keep you safe.  I can not 100% guarantee your safety - but suffice to say more people have been injured driving/ walking to / from the site than ever injured under my care as instructor over the many many years I have been instructing.  Take care.  
  Take care when selecting your instructor / school.  Many advertise hang gliding lessons - but when you turn up the " wind conditions" are not quite right - so they suggest you do paragliding - after all it's nearly the same....  It is not!  The feeling of flying a hang glider is unique - paragliding is nothing like it.  Whilst flying a hang glider ( from your very first flight ) you control direction and speed by moving your body - It feels natural.  Move your body left to roll and turn left. Pull forward to speed up.  - the glider responds - It feels alive!


I have been teaching people to fly since 1978.  I know what i'm doing and will give you a safe exciting enjoyable introduction to the wonderful world of hang glider flying.  No high pressure sales patter.  All equipment provided.

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