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Buying Tips:

Firstly and most importantly, arrive early!

Before being able to bid on items, you must first obtain a bidder's number, which is issued at the registration desk. The bidder's number is boldly printed on a paddle or piece of cardboard and is large enough to be seen by the auctioneer or bid spotter during the sale. When you have successfully purchased an item, the auctioneer will ask for your bidding number and assign this number to the item purchased, so you can claim it at the end of the sale.
Do your homework and know the value of what you want to purchase before bidding. Make sure to factor in all costs, including buyer's premiums, time, transportation, repair or alterations if required, plus a return on investment. You have to buy cheaply enough that you can add in all related expenses and still be able to resell the item(s) at a profit. It is a good idea to keep a logbook and list expenses for each individual sale, along with items purchased, and what they were later resold for.
Don't get carried away in all the excitement and bid on items you did not intend on buying. Also, never bid higher than your preset limit on any one item, not even if it is only £10 more!

  • If you’re serious about buying at Auctions, you need to get there at least an hour before it starts and be ready to get stuck in, don't expect to find any gems if you turn up minuets before the Auction starts. Have a wander round and then start jotting down those lot numbers.
  • Spotting bargains is difficult if you’re not an expert so look at it from another angle. If you find something that gives you the ‘Christmas morning feeling’ and it seems cheap to you then there’s your bargain. Never be afraid of your own taste.

  • A few essentials I have learnt to bring along at every Auction are:
    1. Pen/Paper - to write the lot numbers down of your interests.
    2. Smartphone - to quickly and effectively help with the identification of some items. (also helpful when comparing prices with the ever fluctuating market)
    3. Plenty of cash - there is nothing worse than not taking enough cash and finding that one piece that is screaming profit.

    Please Follow my page for exciting new finds each week. Happy Bidding :)

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