Hard Drive Capacities for HDD Recorders

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Hard Drive Capacities for HDD Recorders

People love to be entertained and, as a result, more and more devices continue to be manufactured to improve people's home entertainment experience. One such device is the HDD recorder, a piece of hardware that allows people to record television straight onto a hard drive to be watched later. HDD recorders are often either DVD or Blu-ray compatible, meaning that they can also record directly onto DVDs and Blu-rays, and can play these disks as well. They also come in a range of capacities, allowing shoppers to choose a recorder that fits their personal storage needs perfectly.

About HDD Recorders

DVD and Blu-ray players are no longer enough for most people. With these devices, the user simply plays compatible disks off of the player. As such, they are generally limited to providing playback functions. When it comes to HHD recorders, however, both playback and recording functions are provided. DVD compatible HDD recorders will be able to play DVDs and record television to blank DVDs as well.

Blu-ray compatible HDD recorders will do the same with Blu-ray disks. Those who have HD televisions and enjoy high resolution and high quality images will generally want to go with Blu-ray compatible HDD recorders if possible. However, it needs to be remembered that these recorders will generally be more expensive. Of course, the main function of an HDD recorder is the ability to record directly to the devices hard drive.

When someone sees something on television that they want to record to watch later, they can simply set it to be recorded. That television show or film will then be recorded directly onto the hard drive. The amount of space that is taken up by the recording will depend on factors such as its length and the quality of the image. It is at this point that people will need to closely consider how much hard drive storage space they need.

About HDD Recorder Hard Drive Capacities

Hard drive capacities for HDD recorders will range significantly. In general, these can be from under 100 GB (gigabytes) to over a thousand GB (1 TB - terabyte). Personal preference will dictate how much storage space is needed. For some, smaller hard drive capacities will suffice - this will generally be the case for casual users who only record the odd show sporadically. For more regular users - and in particular those who record HD television and films - larger capacities will be needed.

Those who like to record films and entire television series to watch over and over will be advised to seek out recorders with more storage space. However, it is also possible to delete any older recordings at any point. As such, those who are more likely to watch shows and films only once can simply delete them once they've been watched. In such situations smaller capacities will be fine as the storage space will continually be opened up through regular deletions.

Recording to Disk

Another of the major benefits of HDD recorders is the fact that recordings stored on the hard drive can actually be transferred to disk - this can be either DVD or Blu-ray recordings. Moreover, compatible recorders can also record straight onto the DVD or Blu-ray without the need to record to the hard drive first of all. Again, this needs to be closely considered when choosing an appropriate capacity. For some, the option of recording straight to an external disk will be appealing, and this will, therefore, be done regularly, lowering the need for large hard drive capacities. For others, recording can be transferred to disk when the hard drive begins to fill up.

In both cases, this helps to create backup recordings to make sure that they are available even if the hard drive gets damaged or becomes faulty. In such situations, all of the recordings may be lost, so backing them up onto disks is always a sensible idea. In addition, adding recordings to disk will also allow someone to give them away to others as gifts, or simply to let people borrow them to watch their favourite films and television shows.

Choosing HDD Recorders

When it comes to choosing an appropriate HDD recorders, there are a variety of things that need to be considered. Of course, hard drive capacity will be important, but aside from this, there are other factors that should be looked at.

Additional Functions

Many HDD recorders come with the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live television. This allows anyone to pop off for a bathroom break or to grab a cup of coffee without missing anything when watching TV. Some recorders will automatically start recording in the background continuously so that the TV show or film can be paused at any time and rewound. Others, however, will need this function turned on for it to work.

OEM and Non-OEM

OEM stands for Official Equipment Manufacturer, meaning that OEM products are made by the original manufacturer. Non-OEM products are, therefore, made by third party manufacturers who are mimicking the original product. OEM products are developed by well-known brands, such as Panasonic or Samsung, and will be high quality and backed by warranties. Non-OEM products, however, will vary in quality and may be more prone to faults and defects. When comparing products, always make sure that they are either made by popular brands, or are made by high quality third party manufacturers.


Price will fluctuate depending on the various factors listed in this guide. Higher capacity recorders with a variety of functions can be fairly expensive, especially those made by official brands. If money is tight, always spend time comparing a variety of options before choosing the right HDD recorder.

Buying HDD Recorders on eBay

When it comes to buying an appropriate HDD recorders, eBay is the place to start searching. There are a couple of ways of going about this - either by shopping by category, or by using the search function. In general, shoppers with a specific idea as to what they are searching for will be advised to use the search function: this will provide highly specific search results.

Those who are looking to compare a range of options, however, may want to simply shop by category to give themselves a larger pool of products to search through. To start shopping by category, first click on the link marked Electronics & Technology on the main eBay homepage. Once this page loads, click on the next category called Sound & Vision. Next, click on DVD, Blu-ray & Home Cinema and, finally, HDD Recorders. Now all of the listings within this category will load up on the page. For those who are still researching potential products, simply look through the listings and gather a few ideas.

Any shopper who has a more specific idea of the brand they want, or the capacity they need, will want to use the additional tabs on the left to narrow the search. For example, click on Less than 100 GB under the tab marked Capacity to list HDD recorders with capacities below 100 GB. When it comes to using the search function, simply type some specific words in and click enter. For example, someone searching for a DVD compatible HDD recorder with a capacity of 250 GB might want to type in something like 'DVD HD recorder 250 GB'. If nothing comes up, simply change the search terms and try again.


HDD recorders are hugely useful for those who like to record their favourite films and TV shows to watch back later. This could either be film fanatics who love to re-watch the films they love, or simply those who are often out and about when their favourite shows are on. In addition, many recorders provide additional functions such as the ability to record straight to disk, and the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live television at any point. As such, people will never have to miss a beat when watching TV, and can easily set things up so that they avoid the irritating adverts that appear every 10 or 15 minutes.

When choosing an appropriate HDD recorder, eBay is the place to go. Not only does eBay make it easy to quickly find and compare various listings, it also makes comparing sellers easy. As such, any shopper can guarantee that they are buying from a reliable source - something which is hugely important when buying expensive electronics online. So, browse through eBay's categories or simply use the search functions; then compare the best products and choose the most appropriate one.

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