Harry Potter - THE QUIBBLER: Available to Muggles at Last...

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New item from peterlamb1 at Grimmauld Place.

32 page A4 magazine!!!!
News stories from the Wizarding World, Cross Word, Word Search etc.
Advertisements form the Wizarding World, Classified Adds, and much more.
Read such stories such as 'Doxy's on the Increase',  'Chaos in the Classroom',  'Dark Mark Spotted on the Moon',  St Mungo's Nurse Wins 'Soothing Wand' Award',  'Disappointment for the Hogsmeade Annual Broom and Fun Day' and 'Disruption in Floo Network due to Falling Leaves'..  All original stories with the Quibbler tounge in cheek style....

This magazine is an Artists Impression based on The Quibbler that Luna Lovegood has in the Harry Potter Movies, with an original cover picture and stories.  It will be 32 Pages long, printed double sided on A3 paper, folded to create an A4 magazine.  The price will be £6.50 with FREE P&P....  I am still currently working on this project, and estimate that it should be listed for sale mid April 2016.

We are in no way affiliated, endorsed or associated with Warner Brothers, its associates or any other company involved
with producing 'Harry Potter' merchandise. Any reference to the names 'Harry Potter', 'Hogwarts', 'Gringotts' etc. is done
so purely for descriptive purposes, all images, logos or trademarked images that are shown in our listings are the property
of their respective owners and are not affiliated with us in any way. All of our items are created by Harry Potter fans for
other like minded individuals.

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