Has anyone ever had their items not received yet?

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I won something off ebay just recently, and according to the "seller" they have proof of postage, what goods that, especially if it's not signed for via special delivery, or recorded delivery, which both have to be signed for.

I actually asked the post office about this "proof of postage" and they said it's not worth printing it off, as it's worth nothing, as they stated when people ask for this they are just wasting there time, as like post master said "items go missing everyday from the sorting office, either due to not being packed properly, or even down to the post code, or if there is a slight tear in the packaging, or not sealed down properly" believe it or not it's true. I am actually having a problem now with a seller, who claims "proof of postage rubbish" i've never heard from her again, and i've opened up a dispute against her, which she has never bothered to answer any of my questions, i paid through paypal so i'm hoping i'll get my money back. Any item i sell i always send out either by special delivery, or Recorded delivery, where both need signatures, and also on these deliveries your item/s are insured, mostly with special delivery for the amount of £500.00. Then the buyer cannot say i have not received my item, as i always email them the tracking number, and then i keep this myself until feedback is left, then i know that the transaction has been completed.

So this "proof of postage" is just a load of old rubbish, as you cannot claim of royal mail and neither can the seller, what is there to say that the buyer has actually received the item??? These people don't know who have sent them do they??? has there is some people out there that will do this to genuine buyer's/sellers. We also don't know if your item has been posted out by the seller, anyone can put the item dispatched notice on ebay, we only have to take the seller's words for that, until we receive the item. That is why i always go that extra few pence to send them out and a signature obtained, not only for my piece of mind, but for the buyer's as well. One person did try this on me, as i emailed them the tracking number on the day of dispatch, one week later i got an email asking "where is my item" and said he looked on the track and trace and said it got delivered a 100 mile out of his radius, i began to panic, so i tried the track and trace myself, it was sat in there local sorting office near to where they lived, i replied to them instantly asking for there address and also checked my paypal address to there's, this person was just trying it with me, hoping i'd email the tracking number and bin it, but they were in for one shock, as i still had it. They were just out to scam people. Guys if you send anything through by the track and trace system, email that buyer with their tracking number, but keep your copy until feedback has been left for you, then you know for certain that item got their safely.

Hope this helps you.

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