Having more than one User ID?

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Why should i have more than one ID?

When we first started selling on eBay we had one main user ID and like many people we were selling off our own household items before actually setting up as a business on eBay - With that main ID we then started to sell different product ranges, however sales on some of these products were not as good as some people seemed to be getting, so we had a look into what the differences were:

1. The main difference in most cases (although not all of course) was that the other sellers had specific ID's related to their product and they specialized in selling in that area for example xxxcomputers or xxxpets

Of course the next thing we did was set up a new ID to try this ourselves and within a couple of months we had a new very successful eBay ID - selling specific products, having a name and shop related to the products in our case really did seem to give people more confidence that we knew what we were doing and that we were not just a free for all jumble sale!

How to cope running more than one ID?

It can create extra work running more than one ID of course and my top tip is have two different browsers, for example IE and Firefox that way you can log into both ID's at the same time.

We also run one single PayPal account for all ID's, being a limited company this makes things much simpler for us and of course don't forget the limits on how many PayPal accounts you can have!

Setting up additional ID's have really worked for us - and i recommend having a look around in your area on eBay and see if you find a similiar trend and give it a go!

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