Helmets You only have one head

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This is directed at people buying helmets.

Nearly all manufactures of helmets agree that the shelf life of a helmet 5 years this applies to whether its been used or not, your helmet should be replaced as it does not offer the same protection as it used to have ,this is due to the poly lining breaking down and not offering the same impact protection, go to the Arai web page  and read what they say if you want a secong opinion, this is for your own safety!! 

No matter how good your helmet looks, or how it has been taken care of , age still takes its toll. Even with minimal use, a helmet is affected by things like the acids and oils in sweat, haircare products, pollution, exposure to uv rays, etc. At about the five-year mark, helmet interiors begin to show wear and or deterioration noticeable in the lining, which should serve as an alert to its overall condition. The helmet's fitting will not be as good as it was when it was new this is due to the lining stretching and a helmet that is too big is a danger in its self. This unseen aging and deterioration of the EPS liner and fiberglass shell can affect the helmet's ability to perform in an impact as it was originally designed.

The 5 year rule should be taken from the date of manufacture which is stamped on the inside of a new helmet, the out side if Bs kitemarked on a sticker or on the helmet strap, and not from the date you bought it as retailers buy in bulk they may have had the helmet a year or so before you buy it.

Remeber if you want to do track days your helmet must conform with racing regs and if out of date and or has no ACU approvement you will not be allowed on track.


Never buy a second hand helmet not everyone will have been dropped on the floor or used as a football but how do you know

One HEAD how much do you value yours at


Ride Safe live long and enjoy the ride

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