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Measuring Your Roll:
Firstly you need to measure the pringting width of your roll. Ensure you do this precisely as this measurement is the most vital. if you are in any doubt refer to the help guide provided with your machine.

Secondly you need to measure the diameter of your roll, (include the core/hole in the centre of the roll) The diameter can vary slightly from roll to roll. Using a smaller diameter roll than normal is fine but take note that this will result in your roll running out faster than normal.

I Have the measurements, What Next?

Now that you have the measurements for your roll the final step is to clarify what type of paper is on the roll.

 There are three types of paper;

  1. Thermal Paper
  2. Single and Multi ply paper
  3. Action/Impact Paper

Thermal Paper:
Thermal paper is heat sensative. this is printed on using a thermal print head inside the machine (please note thermal printers do not require ink cartridges or ink rollers) This is the most common of machines which are modern. However over long periods of time the print-outs may start to fade.

Single and Multi Ply Paper:
Single ply rolls are used in machines/printers that contain ink rollers or ink cartridges to print onto the paper. these are very common in kitchen printers in restaurants and bars. Wherever a single ply roll can be used so can a multi ply roll. The difference being that multi ply will transfer the print through to a 2nd and in some cases 3rd copy of paper to retain for your own records.

Action/Impact Paper:
Some printers use action paper as apposed to single ply/multi ply paper.
this is the alternative to multi ply paper but without the use of ink products. when the paper comes into contact with a print head the paper bruises to make the letering appear. 



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