Help When Buying Bath Grab Bars

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Points to consider

Bath grab bars provide additional support and a feeling of security when used in the bathroom. They can be positioned to assist stepping over the side of the bath and also getting up from the bottom of the bath.

Grab rails are available in different lengths and can be screwed to the wall, fixed with suction or clamped to the bath tub rim.

Different types of grab bars

Wall fixed grab rails

These rails are available in a range of lengths usually within the range of 30cm (12”) to 60cm (24”) and can be plastic or stainless steel. When fixing the rail consider where you hold the wall for support at present and ensure that you are not over reaching to hold it. It is recommended that a professionally qualified person fits the rail to ensure a safe fit.

Suction grab rails

These grab rails come in different lengths and are attached by means of levers that are depressed to form a secure suction. Some of them have indicators which show ‘green’ when adequate suction is achieved. They need a smooth tiled surface to be fitted to securely. These rails are great for travelling or visiting relatives.

Bath tub grab bars

Grab bars are fitted to the side of the bath and can comprise a vertical loop to hold onto. They can be useful if you can’t achieve a solid fitting of a wall fixed rail and are useful for providing support when stepping over the bath side. The rails may clamp to the bath tub and may be secured by a bracket which is adjustable to hold it securely.

Consider where it is fitted along the bath side, so that there is enough space for lifting the legs over. They are usually fitted near the tap end of the bath. . They can be used alone or in conjunction with a bath/shower board.  They can be used alone or in conjunction with a bath/shower board.

Bath fixed rails with floor mounting

These are similar to bath tub grab bars with a vertical loop above the bath but they usually have the added stability of being floor fixed. The rail can sit next to the bath side, usually near the tap end, and can assist you to step over the bath side and to feel more secure. They can be used alone or in conjunction with a bath/shower board.

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