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I know this seems like everyone is keeps going on about this, you cant turn on the tv without some programe or horror story being on, but im afraid its all to true, and believe me when i say its so easy to protect yourself.

Are you a Buyer here on Ebay?  The most simplist of things you can do is confirm your address with Paypal, It only takes a few days for the conformation to come through and maybe five mins of your time, nice and easy and now you can enjoy the perks of being a verified member of Paypal you can start buying with a little more confidence.

Are you a Seller here on Ebay? join me in trying to get as many members to join and confirm with Paypal, all i ask is that you maybe include one line about this in your listings, and of course make sure you are a confirmed member as well.

Why am i talking about this? Easy again, i myself have been scammed here on Ebay and i thought enough is enough so i done a bit of research and found several sites dealing with online fraud, as i sell mostly mobile phones i opted to link myself with and now i am being proactive, i have suggested to ebay that new members should have to earn 10 positive feedbacks before they should be allowed to sell, i mean no offence to all the genuine members out there but time after time i see a new member selling the latest phone on the market, then i dig a little deaper and they have multiple listings of the same phone???? would you trust handing over £250.00+++ if this was the case? or would you like to be able to see some positive history, ie feedbacks.

I will keep every one informed as to what additional steps you can take as and when i learn more from my links to relevent site but for now lets try and get ALL of confirmed.


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