Help my item hasn't come, What do I do?

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What to do when your item doesnt arrive

When buying from ebay sometimes you will find that an item may not arrive this can be very frustrating especially if it was being purchased as a gift as it can leave you high and dry.

One thing that I  would always advise is to make payment via paypal as if this does happen you are guaranteed to get your money back.
The thing to do when you encounter an issue is to always contact the seller first as it may be an honest mistake and they may be able to come to a resolution, of course if you cant resolve the issue ebay are always there to help what you need to do is go to the resolution center and open a dispute they will contact the seller to try and resolve the issue if they can resolve it then you will get a full refund. Of course they can only guarantee the refund if you have paid via paypal so remember so that you don't lose out alway pay via paypal.

Alway allow a fair amount of time for the seller to investigate ebay will normally advise you of an acceptable length of time for the dispute to be resolved and also advises how long you need to wait before you can request a refund, of course the seller can initiate a refund before that time if they wish so depends on the issue if they want you to wait or they may just refund straight away and ask if you would repay if the item arrives after the dispute has been closed.

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Written By Bzzagent cdrummondx

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