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Hi there,

I have repaired and rebuilt many hundreds of PC's. This has left me with a strong knowledge of the basic issues and common problems among systems.  We now run a successful ebay Anchor shop selling 1000's of some of the cheapest online PC/laptop parts available and now with a little spare time i can divulge some of our basic experience to you.

This is a basic guide for anyone and everyone with PC issues, the whole hardware scope and possible solutions for each problem, we take no responsibility for any damage or data lost from using this guide.

Please note that these remedies and solutions for obvious reasons cannot be guaranteed in any way and we take no responsibility whatsoever for errors or ommisions or damage to your PC whilst using any of these suggested methods. 

This Guide gives advice on the following common PC Hardware issues:
Slow/juttery use, sluggish response, no graphics output, Blue screen crashes, non reading DVD rom's, non detecting HDD's, dead PC

If your PC computer is:

Slow/juttery: try upgrading your memory, this helps increase the ability of your PC to handle information simultaneously.

Sluggish/slow PC: Try upgrading your memory or it may be a failing/overheating Cpu. If you can also hear a 'clicking noise' this will be your HDD (hard drive) failing and it is highly recommended that you back up your info(if still possible) immediately and replace it.

No graphics output: This can actually be something other than the obvious. Sometimes this can be down to your modem card (if you have one) interfering with the motherboard IRQ's in which case you have a quick fix. If not it can be the graphics card, motherboard, CPU, memory or even PSU. To source the problem i normally this procedure in the following order, until it is cured; remove modem (if applicable), exchange graphics card, replace memory (or test one at a time), replace PSU (although this only accounts for around 5% of the issues its cheaper to replace), replace cpu, replace motherboard.
If you are wondering why the PSU, sometimes they 'drop' a voltage which prevents graphics even though the computer sounds fine.

Random blue screen crashes: Hard to offer firm advice on this but often it is a hardware compatibility fault and from personal experience sometimes the hard drive or memory.

DVD rom does not read DVDR or DVDRW:some early DVD roms simply do not read these discs, a replacement DVD rom is the easiest solution.

HDD sounds as though it is working fine but the system does not detect it or does so incorrectly: Normally this is the controller board underneath the HDD, these can be replaced for like to like replacements (i even sell some) but it has to be a perfect match and does not work everytime. I would only recomend this for anyone who needs to retrive important information, if you can do without it just replacing the HDD is simplest.

No power at all/dead
Normally this is the PSU but dont forget to check the power cable too! if it is neither of these check your power button cable and motherboard.

Please note if you are experiencing more than one of the above problems solve one at a time or look for a common issue (such as HDD etc).*

I hope some of this has helped you and possibly saved you much browsing and headaches, if you have a hardware problem that is not posted here please click one of my many auctions and post me a question if i have a solution i will reply to you and update the page for everyone and for the sake of others if you have found this helpful help others as well by putting in a vote.


Rob Green (the247enigmaPrice Attack store) Seller of Guaranteed Pc/laptop parts, Used Electricals, Music CD's, Dysons and hosts of other goods. Pop in for a browse .

*this guide is for advice only, I take no responsibility for loss of data, information or damage to your PC from using this guide, if you are in any doubt or have data you cannot afford to lose do not use this guide and send your PC to a qualifed engineer for service/repair.


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