Helpful Uses for Bungee Cord at Home

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Bungee cord is not only a crucial item for bungee jumping, but is also widely used in transporting cargo, extreme sports, and in various household scenarios. With numerous names including shock cord, elastic cord and stretch rope, this versatile item is very elastic and has hooks at both ends. This cord is available in a variety of lengths and diameters making it suitable for various uses at home.


Hang Items on Walls

Being very lightweight and easy to handle, you can easily attach a bungee cord to a wall panel holder or to a notice board above your desk. By doing this, you create extra surface to hang items whether they are towels, sunglasses, magazines, or important notes. Attach a 10 mm bungee cord along the length of a towel bar or rack in your bathroom and you instantly get to hang another towel on it. As a quick DIY project, just fasten a thin bungee cord of about 5 mm to 8 mm in diameter on a block of wood and you have a simple sunglasses and key holder.


As a Makeshift Shelf

To store large items such as bottles, toys, or basketballs, you can easily make a shelf out of a few pieces of wood and bungee cords, or just secure bungee cords to an open shelf with bungee cord hooks to protect the items on it. Because this cord is elastic, you can fully enclose a shelf or container with it. When you need to store or remove items, just push the elastic cord out of the way.


Close or Secure Bags

Bungee cord is also great at closing bags of opened products such as garden potting soil or barbecue charcoal. Just wrap the cord around the neck of any bag to close it. Of course, you must make sure that you seal the bag tightly to prevent moisture or foreign objects entering it. Besides closing bags, a bungee cord is good at securing things together such as firewood and big garden tools.


Hang Decorations

To hang decorations such as greeting cards, photos, or small figurines, just hook your bungee cord to a suitable surface and you have a simple place to hang your items. Arrange your cords creatively by criss-crossing them diagonally over each other or place them at strategic areas around your room and you can create a simple but impressive decorative piece.


Temporarily Fix Broken Things

Having a broken car bonnet or cabinet door that cannot stay closed is very annoying indeed. If you do not have the time to fix them right away, just secure the broken component with a suitable bungee cord as a temporary fix. To secure cupboard doors, you can use a thin, 3 mm bungee cord to wrap around the door handles. You can even use a bungee cord to temporarily fix a broken toilet flusher with a little ingenuity.

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