Helpful hints on Honda CBR400rr NC29 Gullarm

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Hello, welcome to my guide on Honda CBR400rr NC29 Gullarm.

Info : From the late eighties to the late nineties, we brits imported 250cc 2 strokes and 400cc 4 strokes from Japan, from what I know of the japanese licensing system which is far tougher than our own, 400cc 4 strokes and 250cc 2 strokes are all you could have back then!

Also the japanese M.O.T. test is far tougher than ours as well, a bike can fail whilst having no faults with it at all, and also the japanese are far more fashion sensitive then you might think, get it right, you'll sell millions, get it wrong, you'll sell nought!

The main reason why these bikes were popular was the price, they were cheap!

The Honda CBR400rr NC29 gullarm was one of the best of the imports, reliable, good looking, fast as hell for its size too.

Good sides : Suitable for smaller riders, mainly female, the engine has a surprising amount of mid range punch, which means you don't have to rag it like the 2 strokes, hold there value well, handles brilliantly, it can't beat modern sports bikes on the straights, but show the CBR400 some welsh backlane twisties, you will cream everybody! Also the brakes are as sharp as a new razor!

Bad sides : When pushed, the fuel ecomony is terrible! the ride is hard, and uncomfortable if your over six foot tall, under heavy braking there is far too much tank / nuts contact, low speed handling is poor, the insurance is stupid for it, I got quoted once £2000 for third party fire and theft for a bike worth £1000, and I live in North Wales. It was one of the most crashed bikes years ago, the bike is a nightmare in poor weather, I nearly came off going round a roundabout in the wrong gear, getting replacement parts can be tricky, and if you have to resort to buying orginial honda, can get expensive!

Buying tips : 400cc sports bike are popular racing bikes, lookout for former track bikes as they will be competely burntout, the best way of telling is immaculate bodypanels but the bits underneath don't look the same.

Don't expect perfection, these bikes are most of the time over 10 years old!

Lookout for road legal cans, some don't have them and it is hard to pass an M.O.T. without one!

Overall : I brought mine orginially for commuting, after riding it for a short period of time, it is not suitable for everyday riding.

Don't get me wrong, the bike is great for it's size and price, but it does have a healthy appetite for tyres, chains and sprockets, and a hefty insurance tag of group 12 to go with it!

For summer riding with the wife, you on your CBR600rr and her on the CBR400rr, it is ideal!

I can understand why you might want one, it looks, sounds and goes very well, but of everyday stuff, get something else!

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