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When selling an item it all seems too easy and straight forward and certainly not rocket science!However good customer service is something which can be developed and improved upon all the time.  I am still learning and finding out what constitutes good customer service.  It is not always simply a matter of common sense. 

I always believe that once an item has been paid for, it should be sent out immediately. Any delays due to unavoidable events should be communicated to the buyer so they know what is happening and are not left wondering why their item didn't arrive in the post that day.If a buyer asks a question it is always best to answer it as soon as possible, get back to them the same day if you can. This will give them an indication that you are reliable, that you will answer them and help if they have any difficulties. Customers need to have confidence that they are going to recieve a good service from you.

As buyers are unable to physically experience the item, cannot feel it or try it on, test it, etc, it helps to have a clear description and a very clear photograph.  Larger photographs can be put on your own website from a link in your description. Just remember to scale them down enough so that they can be viewed easily by those who do not have broadband internet. It also helps to have several pictures of viewpoints of items if they are different at the back or around the sides.  Pictures are no good if they are so dark that you cannot see the item. Take care with the photograph and ensure there is enough light so your item can be seen.  Always have a picture of your item as even the clearest description is never enough to really have an idea of what an item looks like. When using text,  make sure it is not too similar to the back ground colour, yellow on white just cannot be read.

It always helps to package the item well so it cannot move about or come undone. Do not be afraid of using lots of tape to keep it well sealed.  It is best to have the name and address of the person printed onto paper rather than written directly on the polythene of the posting materials with a marker pen as this will rub off and the parcel will get lost. When posting items, I also like to tape a piece of blank paper around the edges leaving the centre free for the posting label.  I have found that the postage labels can come off the polythene and will stick better to the paper.  Always have your own address printed on paper and stuck to the back of the package.

Finally, just to help yourselves and avoid nasty chargebacks from fraudulent buyers, it is a good idea, if accepting paypal, to protect yourself by insisting that they have a confirmed address.  You are on shaky ground if you post to an unconfirmed address and will not have adequate protection from chargebacks.  A little tip for buyers, read carefully the sellers terms and conditions before buying or bidding in case you cannot meet their terms. I hope this has been helpful and although it may seem obvious to do these things, it is surprising how many people don't and may come unstuck as a result.


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