Hexagonal Party Wedding Gazebo Marquee

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This gazebo looks great, the quality of the canvas is excellent. The problems start when it rains or there is a little wind. When it rains, the water collects on the roof because of the cross rails, so be prepared to check it every now and then so that you can release the water by pushing a broom (or something similar) against the roof from the inside. If you don't I can visualise the canvas tearing.
When it is windy, the plastic windows tear around the edges where they have been sewn into the canvas, the plastic is too thin! We had several windows tear in this way. We have got round it by sticking Duck tape all round the edges. We used FOUR rolls and sealed them inside and out. Hopefully it has solved the problem. I must say that the Duck tape looks quite good, it makes it look as if it has window frames.
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