Hi Fi Subwoofers

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Main stereo speakers averaging 100 watt continuous music power produce aprrox 30 watts of bass.

So if you think a subwoofer is not very powerfull even the small ones then think again.

For e.g a subwoofer with a 60watt output will produce the same amount of bass that a 200 watt main hifi speaker will produce.

There is really no need to get a massive output subwoofer for the average living room, anything more than 60 watts will be waisted and you find yourself using only a fraction of the subwoofers potential.

For a room to power guide read on.

ROOM SIZE                        POWER

13 X 13                                60WATT

13 X 18                                80WATT

13 X 20                                100WATT

13 X 25                                120WATT

This guide is from personal experiences and personal situations and set ups from the past 25 years.

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