Hi i'm not making money just doing some project's...

Like if this guide is helpful


 i'm buying and there say i'm one of the best buyer's in the world, it's just when i buy i need to take a little time there have put me within the News Portsmouth paper voted one of the best paper's in the world please try and found this story,1st of June issue 2nd page. that's the News Portsmouth there have a search so whats stopping you.So at the moment i'm doing a project for G.Lucas Star Wars films so i'm buying the toy's and painting with canvas for the back drops has you know these toy's are very sought after,but has the projects go i have complete loads, but this one is getting quite hard because people are bidding real fast so if you can put your item's on "buy now" after there have been valued it's alot easy for use to buy. Please do vist my site's at search for Robby Royal there are also album's mp3's use the links on my info page on Facebook the name to search for is Robby Royal over 5,000 photo's and 30 album's from 1-bit music syth's and electronic keyborads to real sound 1000 bit (future music mag Bath also know of Robby Royal Off Your Head records est 1997).I'm very famous in that there's 1,000 how know me and like me,even the London media like me Advertising teams to larger record company's.So please when you listen to my tracks that this has right from bit-1 to real live sound the alpha and omega of electronic poly-bit music,Paul Oakenfold just toured U.S.A. made a million pound mind you he is one of the best DJ's in the world and helped with my music and dance.So cheers all Robby Royal 2011...2014,2015,2016 etc and many more years to come 50,000 photo,100 mp3 now and growing in  the site people knowing about these sites million's of people know of these site's,s are getting bigger and bigger and better with her and make even more money buying and selling on this site have a merry Xam 's and New Years to come.



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