Hidden PS2 Gems For Under £5

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We all know the big budget,  well advertised games, -& even some hidden gems like Ico, We Love Katamari,  Psychonauts, - but heres where I give some games I think worth hunting down & finding, & how much I value them in £. You may value them more or less, this is my opinion!
Note I am not selling any of these games now,(12/04/07) & hope not to have to!!
For pocket money prices, these games are worth a go!
Note these games are fairly easy to get on e-bay for £5 inc delivery, & are different/new/exceptional/fun.
Some are forever games some are great fun whilst they last, all are great value for under £5.
I dont stick to single genres, I like games of all sorts, dont be narrow minded!

In no particular order.....

Wild Wild Racing  -  Good solid fun off road racer, but the mini-games are fantastic, including car football courses, stunt tracks & loads of vehicles, shortcuts, & more.

Pirates  Black Kat -  2-games-in-1, an action adventure as Kat the buxom pirate, & a sea-battle, like well updated Overboard with better view, graphics, handling, & 2 player ship battles! Great fun!  

Bombastic              -  If you like Devil Dice, Kula World, or similar puzzling games, get this. It is Devil Dice 2, contains classic mode & more inc wacky adventure based on Devil Dice, & 2 player. Addictive fun.

Theme Park World-  It is big & it is clever! PS2 update is better, but PS1 version still great too.

Road Trip Adventu-  Cartoon car Rpg adventure game. Sound bonkers? It is, but good fun for all ages.

Tokobot  Plus         -  Pikmin -ish game, great for variety, puzzle adventure game.

Cel Damage           Wacky Racers styled game, great fun, good variety of modes, great 2 player

Dynasty Tactics    ( 1 or 2 both great)  Absolute must have for strategy war fans- a grid turn-based game on the battlefield, recruit, move troops & more. (Its NOT like Dynasty Warriors at all)

Whiplash               -  Think Crash Bandicoot with a wicked humour, basically abusing your fellow animal  escaping an animal lab. Provocative, yes. Fun, yes. Even thought provoking, original take on classic style.

Gregory Horror    -  Bizzarely great horror cartoon, not scary but very strange!

Smugglers Run      -  SR1 or SR2 both are good, with a team based or individual capture the flag, & more & the main game in which you smuggle stuff off road. From Rockstar.

Under The Skin      -  You are an alien who takes over humans bodies...& plays pranks on them! Its a game that words cant describe, so I shall just say its fun, putting down tacks,etc, getting chased by angry mobs who suffered by your pranks, changing into another human disguise & walking past them!! Hehe! From Capcom.

Kuri Kuri Mix        -   Though 1 player can play it, best as 2 player Co-op game, indeed it challenges Lego Star Wars for the title of best co-op PS2 game, is more platform puzzle based & much cheaper though!

TOCA Race Dr 2   -  Covers virtually all styles of racing, even lorries, exceptionally well.

Kessen - Similar to Dynasty TACTICS, but more action orientated, yet strategic too, based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. All 3 are engrossing, you will be lucky to get the rare K3 for under £5, but both K1 & K2 are excellent games available for under £5.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but seeing these great games going for cheap on e-bay, its criminal!
Other bargains would include Formula 1 2001 or 2002, both with free dvd & easy to get for £3 great.
Tiger Woods golf games, all are great, easily the best golf series on PS2, satisfying.
Pro Evo Soccer 4 FIFA vs PES is your choice. I love football but hated footy on PS2 - till this.
WRC (World Rally Championship) one of the best Rally games despite some small flaws easy worth £3.
Driver on PS1 is still great game, loads of mini games & great main game easy to find under £3.
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