Hidden negative feedback

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My experience, which is still an ongoing saga, was concerning 100% positive feedback shown in the box, but only from a small group from the last 90 days trading, to which each had given a full recommendation.However, after my purchase went wrong when the goods failed to arrive, and more to the point, the item was re-listed,  I did some more checking. To my surprise I came across a very negative feedback, where my seller had not paid for an item he BOUGHT! Now I don't know if that information was easily available at the time of the auction as it was my first winning bid, but it does show that 100% feedback is not a guarantee that things are as they seem?

There were a couple of things that bothered me before I went ahead; It was a postal order only deal, yet eBay had no record of his address? I had to send a e-mail to get that.; Secondly, the name to whom I was buying from was different to that as listed to the seller's site. It being my first purchase, I did not want to start off as someone who does not follow through, so I went ahead. However, two things that might help my forthcoming legal battle were these; I made the postal order out in his name, not crossed but he would have to produce ID to cash it, and sent it recorded delivery, which again had to be signed for, and also tied the name to an address. Not much, but it may help?
For all that, the rest of my purchases I have had no problem at all. Indeed, private sellers and businesses alike have been first class. But with my greater experience now, I would definitely pull out of that deal second time around.
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