Hidden secrets about Importing a car from JAPAN!!!!!

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Well we all seen Jap Imports on the road in some palce or another, they are taking over the car market and why should'nt they?????

Jap Cars are more reliable, have higher spec's, well looked after and have a lot of life in them (low miles)

Well if you were thinking about importing a vehicle then wait and read this guide which includes hiden dangers of importing a vehicle.


  1. Did you know you must pay TAX & VAT when a vehicle arrives in the uk from Japan first you need to pay 17.5% of the cars price you purchased it for, then you must pay a varied fee of around 12% Tax of the price of the vehicle + you have to add the 17.5% VAT on to the cars value and then work out 12% of that!!! Crazy isn't it???!!!


  1. Wait it gets even more crazy! If your car is under 10 years old you must get it SVA'd which is normal to test if the car is road worthy, HOWEVER if you import a rare car, for example a one off then you need to pay to creat a report for the car before it is SVA'd which i got a quote for a 2005 Mazda RX-8 report for £3000 from customs and exiles!!!!!!!!


  1. Think this is crazy yet??? nope it get's worse, well i am sure the UK has a lot of bangers around without alarms etc. If your car does not have some sort of alarm you must by law get one and get it fitted!!!


  1. Well now we know why dealers charge a bit extra. Howevr they do save a lot of money as most garages have their own mechnic which can sva all the cars and they can claim VAT back saving them a lot fo money unlike private people importing cars.


  1. Although the costs are a bit more, it is much more easy and hassel free to buy a JAP IMPORT that has already been imported into the UK.
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