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Recently I have been watching the bidding on some computer components; it has amazed me just how high the bids have been going!

When you think that a brand new item that can be bought from various online traders can be bought for less than it often is sold for on here, it then becomes a bit confusing.

I can think of a particular item, a motherboard; this retails online (new) from various retailers for £34.00. This includes VAT and delivery, yet the same item has been sold several times, second-hand for more than this price; in some cases the price (for this particular item) went well over £40.00, and it was second-hand!

It also appears that Saturday night bidding is the funniest (or the most dramatic), it would also appear that when mixing bidding with alcohol you get the highest bids. I suggest that people simply have to win the bid at all costs, even if they pay way over the top for the item! So if you are a seller, it would be a good idea to create a situation where your item finishes on a Saturday night, allowing the beer goggles to boost your sale price!

`Untested goods`; what can be meant here (allegedly) is that either: 1) The seller has no idea what it is or how to test it. 2) The seller genuinely hasn`t tested it and doesn`t really mind anyway. 3) The seller has tested it and it doesn`t work. `Untested` looks better than `faulty`and probably gets the seller more money (allegedly)!!

So to conclude; try to finish your sale on a Saturday night around 8pm to 10pm, then watch the crazy bidding! No further comment about `untested` goods!

I have added some more information:

Another thing that I have noticed is: a buyer purchases an item as untested (see above), then probably finds that it doesn`t work (see above) and then puts it back on here with some excuse for not testing it (see above). To me, it`s fairly obvious (in most cases) that the item is faulty. A tip here: look at the sellers history, you might find the item that they are selling in their history! Then you can track it back! It`s amazing the excuses that you will read, but it is worth doing.

Look for trade sellers who sell a product as untested; even more dubious than the private seller who sells as untested.

Another one: OEM products! You often see OEM computer parts for sale on here, often this is correct and there is no issue. But, then you sometimes know that this is simply a case of: lost box, disk, cables, manual, peripherals etc, as it is really a retail product with missing items! Or the item has been removed from a computer; this is not OEM!

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