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I thought Filters were in place and that no member of Ebay could Duplicate a Store's name so close....when all the Hijacker did is add an S to it's Store Name.

This is just plain Sloppy and Extremely Lethal.

I certainly don't Feel Warm & Fuzzy.

I have an acquaintance in the UK, who, was just nailed thru a Christmas Promotion with Hot Mails & AOL every contact of this promotion was sent a Warning E-Mail not to purchase from her.  Just a disgruntled Buyer who's Item allegedly broke several months after the purchase.  I was one of the Buyers who received the Warning,  I notified the Seller.  What a Nightmare for her.  Ebay has placed some Restrictions... however, this was just a Slap-on-the-Hand.  And, if you do that again then you'll be Stricken. In my Book Slander took Place the Buyer's Objective was achieved and Ebay slapped her on the Hand.

Here's the Truth of it...Every Ebay Member clicked on I Agree and at that point we entered into a Binding Contract with Ebay & Paypal.  Ebay will I'm sure look into this and make it right.  In the meantime, CY.A. Dudes.

We are using FCC Equipment... in my acquaintance case... Slander took place.  Imagine all your Buyers reading the Slander.  She was so vulnerable, it took hours to contact one at a time to explain the undeserved reputation.   

  Maybe the FCC should Step in BiG TiMe have these Misguided Unfortunates of the World in Fear of what they've done.  Time to set an Example. 

Everybody dropped the Ball on the Hijacker and I guess it's Sloppiness & Apathy.

When all is said & Done...We are taken as Seriously as we take Ourselves.


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