Hints and Tips

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  • Do sell items on a Saturday or Sunday (7 days) or Wednesday or Thursday (10 days). This means the final 2 days of your listing are Saturdays or Sundays when more people have time to go on eBay.
  • Do use Comic Sans MS on size 14 in your description-it is the most aesthetically pleasing font size and type
  • Do use descriptive volcabulary in your description like "Amazing", "Superb", "Fantastic" etc.
  • Do use words like "SUPER RARE" or "No longer in the shops!" to make your buyer think that they are lucky to have found your item
  • Do think according to the time of year-use things like "GR8 XMAS PREZIE" in your title around December time, or put "AWESOME BIRTHDAY PRESENT" in your description-seems obvious but so many people don't do this.
  • Do offer a return policy if you can, if you can't seem as apologetic as possible-it makes you sound like you really care about the buyers purchasing experience
  • Don't use too much technical jargon in your description, because if your buyer is a parent looking for a toy for their child, and they see "SUPER RARE LEGO BIONICLE TOA METRU SET-KANOKA DISK LAUCHER INCLUDED", they're not going to know what you're talking about and will not bid.Dont use words like "WOW", or "L@@K"  in your title as these words are not searched for buy buyers-don't let the abundance of sellers using this technique fool you.
  • Don't go mental on your description, but don't be sparing either-try to have 1 or 2 paragraphs-concise but descriptive is best.
  • Don't use too many colours-one or two at the most so it isn't too all over the place

Hope my tips gave you some good ideas!


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